8K Resolution TV price or 8K Television Price Explained

8K Resolution TV price or 8K Television Price Explained

8K resolution tv price or 8K television price is nowadays a kind of curiosity in minds of tech lovers, photographers or movie lovers.

What is the 8K resolution tv price so that I may buy it and get my desired graphics quality or movies in ultra HD in 8k. You know 8K tv is one of the most advanced technologies which is in trend and manufacturers like Samsung, LG and Sony are competing in so they have different price tags for their own product. 8K lovers are provided different prices as per features available in products and quality.

Here we have researched some of 8K TV and provided with reviews and at the end, you will get a review about these. So, be connected.

Before we begin, there is some basic info about 8K you need to know.

What is 8K?
How much is 8K?
What is the highest resolution tv available?
Where to buy 8K tv?

What is 8K?

You may know when we use K with numbers like 1K, 2K, that’s thousand! Correct.

8K means eight thousand pixels wide images/frames provided to you. Here we consider pixels and resolution. And the resolution of the image or any video frame is the combination of horizontal and vertical (lines) pixels. That said more pixels better and high-quality images. So, now what is the resolution of 8K or

How much is 8K?

As said, Horizontal and vertical pixels make a resolution, in case of 8K, it is 7680 (Horizontal) x 4320 (Vertical) pixels.

8K is also called Ultra HD resolution and selected as 4320p. You may think it is double of 4K Right?

No, it isn’t double 4K but even 4 times of 4K. 4K has 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution. Just let’s see the image below for comparison.

8k resolution tv price

Caption: 8K Resolution TV price

Now, it is clear that 8K has very high resolution and a large number of pixels, it has 33 million pixels and image quality shown here on 8K has 33 Mega Pixel.

What is the highest resolution tv available?

As for now, there is only 8K resolution tv available in the market. However, you can get the wide area based on display like 32” to 98” or even bigger.

But, for performance and image quality 8K in original is the only tv available now in the market.

Yes, there are rumors about the 16k highest resolution televisions, but after detailed research, I could not get any info or authentic news in that regard. Maybe that is in developing mode or coming in future.

However, fake or just by name or only labeled as 16K Televisions are available which are not really providing that pixels or resolutions. So, beware of those.

Where to buy 8K TV?

As now you may wonder that where to buy 8K tv, so we have provided a detailed review of Samsung and some other 8K televisions. There you can get prices and also purchase it online.

But, if you have any authentic and certified dealer in your city, it is recommended that you may visit there any buy from them.


Samsung’s Q900R 8K TV: 8K Resolution TV price

8k resolution tv priceSamsung’s Q900R 8k tv is a fabulous high-resolution tv that provides amazing picture quality. The design and features of this TV are great. It is designed thin and slim with the high sized foot which is in the corner.

Quantum process provides the best and high speed for processing applications and high-quality images. It has also the quality to turn 4K videos in a better version. So, it won’t be a waste of money if you worry that you don’t have 8K content. 4K content is also displayed here with the improved version.

Samsung’s Q900R has three USB ports, four 4 HDMI 2.0 ports (which are going to be upgraded in 2.1 for 60p frames this year), Bluetooth compatibility (only for Headphones) and Smart TV ( Eden 2.0)

The thin design of this tv can easily be fixed on your wall or table with one small unseen wire going through one connect where you can get other peripherals or ports attached.

Basically, this TV is really amazing with new features introduced. However, like every product or expectations of people, there might be some lacks in any products.

So, guys let’s see what we noticed good about this tv and what we missed in it.


  • 4K upscaling processing makes better results than 4K TVs
  • Color and brightness are fabulous
  • High-Resolution Best Quality images/videos performance
  • 8K quality delivers its best in reality
  • Provides reality effects through videos and images


  • Sound quality doesn’t match as like Video/image
  • Backlight contrast somehow disturbs
  • Bluetooth is only for Headphones

Last Wordings:

As explained earlier that 8K technology is amazingly growing fast and still in the upgrading process. So, if you have a big room and wide area where you can place this 8K TV, it will provide you amazing image and video quality. And if you have also a sufficient amount of money than it is a better choice to have this 8K television in your room.

But, if you love to listen to songs or sound lover, this is advised to have a separate DTS sound system or whatever you like.


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