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Best USB Stick For LG TV That Will Enhance Your Experience

I love watching movies, playing games, and listening to music on my LG smart TV. I have been in touch and a big fan of LG smart TVs since the beginning.

A decade ago while using old LG tv models, it was very hard to find a TV that supports memory sticks / USBs or any other external hard drives to be connected. Though those TVs of LG had USB options I was unable to watch my HD movies through USB or memory stick or even on my external hard drive.

Those LG TVs did have the USB port for something like coding or software updates rather than supporting movies. Even I had some experience where I was able to connect a mouse and keyboard with my LG TV but, was unable to access my files while connecting the ]memory stick.

However, now LG TV has advanced options and multi USB ports that can support memory stick and I have a sigh of relief. Because, I have my movie collection, family videos, and my favorite music on my USB memory sticks and external hard drives that I bought for my LG TV.

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So, I have experienced various issues with memory sticks for LG TV and through my personal experience of years and online research of hours, I got the following best USB / memory stick for LG TV or even any smart TV like Samsung, Sony, or any other brand. These USB memory sticks will be the best fit for LG TVs including all other brands as well.


USB for LG TV is a must device that will not only provide you with a lot of entertainment like playing movies, listening to music, and viewing your memorable moment through photos but, it can also be a source for installing applications to your LG smart TVs. 

so, USB for LG TV will be a great addition to your tech gadgets. 

In a Hurry! Our Best USB Stick for LG TV

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Best USB Stick for LG TV

SanDisk IXpand Flash Drive

SanDisk USB sticks are very popular nowadays due to their durability, positive reviews, and advanced technology system.

SanDisk memory stick for LG TV or any smart tv provides various range of storage from 32GB to 256GB. The most interesting part of this memory stick is that it has a flexible connector that can be connected with your iPhone.

It means that you can simultaneously connect your smart TV and iPhone with one flash drive as I do. You can also easily connect it with any device that supports USB 3.0.

It has a high transferring file speed of 3.0 which can move / process files easily without any lagging. It supports all high definition movie files and music files formats.

Due to compatibility with your iPhone, SanDisk has an iXpand Drive app that controls, manages your photos and videos with ease.

The other feature of this app is it can easily free up space that provides some extra space and avoids unnecessary files automatically.

Well, when it comes to LG TV, so all the latest smart TVs like LG support USB 3.0 and greater. It becomes the best fit for LG TV because it has a good amount of capacity with connectivity directly to your phone which is mostly demanded feature nowadays in USB sticks.

As a movies fan, I need a larger storage USB stick for my LG TV and this flash drive of SanDisk meets that requirement. So, It is advised to have a larger storage size so that you may not run short of storage.

iDiskk Memory Stick for LG TV 

Like SanDisk flash drive, iDiskk memory stick is also one of the best memory stick for LG smart TV. It has also double connectivity options like iPhone and normal USB.

It has a 3.0 speed of file transferring and certified by Apple. It supports all video, audio, and photo formats that can easily and quickly be accessed with LG or any smart TV and even on any iPhone. It can also be connected to any PC, iPad, or iMac, etc.

It is a plug and plays USB with Data Encrypted technology. You can easily protect your files, photos, or videos in this USB memory stick to play on your TV or phone. You can enable all your data to be protected by the password and touch ID which provides a sense of security and safety in case you lose your memory stick.

It has the size of 128GB where you can store more than 60000 of your high definition photos and HD videos of about 150+ hours.

You can also manage your gallery and transferring data from the phone to it to free up space on your iPhone.

Like SanDisk it has 3.0 USB, it is very important to mention here that do remember to see your TV manual and ports specification specifically USB ports and try to connect your USB to that port which is designed for 3.0 USB.

In most of the cases, there were two different options available for TV to connect a memory stick to which was USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 or 3.1. So, try to see that for older models of LG TVs. However, newer versions and models of LG TVs do have all the latest and fast USB ports support.

In the end, This memory stick also works very well with LG smart TV without any lagging. Besides the memory size which 128GB, if you are fine with this storage then it is a good fit for your media files.

Samsung MUF-256AB/AM 3.1 USB Stick for LG TV 

Samsung is also one of the renowned and famous technology brands. Either it is the Samsung Smart TV, Laptops, or android phone or storage devices, they have a good reputation in the market which meets all user’s requirements as per their needs.

So memory sticks/flash drives of Samsung are also one of the best quality and performance. The memory stick of 3.1 is very small in design and had a faster speed of 3.1 as compared to SanDisk and iDiskk.

This brand has various sizes of storage from 32GB to 256GB with a file transfer rate of 300MB/s. The sleek and small design fits very well in all smart thin TVs without being noticed.

This design is picked up for those LG TV or any smart TV which has a small space or gap between the USB port and body of the TV. I have noticed that some older models of Led TVs had the same issue with USB connectivity where I had to use a USB extension cable to connect my memory stick.

You may have also noticed these issues with your brands so you can easily pick up this Samsung memory stick for your smart TV.

Well, it can also be connected to all other devices that support USB but, it has not the option or direct connectivity with your smartphone. You can connect it to your PC, audio stereo system, or other smart devices as well.

It also supports all types of video, audio, and photos format allowing users to have a variety of formats. HD videos and photos can easily be accessed as you connect this memory stick to your LG smart TV. The speed and file transfer avoid lagging and delay in playing HD movies.

It ensures the file transfer of 3GB of 4K Ultra High Definition file to PC just in 10 seconds depending on the speed of your PC and usage of processing files through USB.

The other best feature of the memory stick is that it is durable and highly trusted with 5 years of limited warranty. It is a waterproof memory stick in case you accidentally drop it in your glass of water or fell in your cup of coffee. As it is also temperature proof and shockproof to fight with weather conditions as well.

The X-rays and magnetic waves are also nothing to do with this memory stick as it is X-ray and magnet proof as well.

Techkey F90 USB / Memory Stick for LG TV 

Like Samsung this USB flash drive for LG TV has also been included in this list of the best USB memory stick for LG TV with various features. As Samsung USB stick had 3.1 speed where this USB stick lacks that feature and it has 3.0 speed. However, other functions resemble.

Techkey F90 has a variety of storage in this model which ranges from 32GB to 256GB allowing users to opt for the required memory stick for their LG TV or PC.

It is also tough and hard manufactured to be safe and secure and harsh conditions. The aluminum alloy material used to assure quality performance in rough and tough conditions. It is waterproof, temperature proof, dustproof, shockproof, magnetic proof, and anti-static. It is packed and sealed with advanced technology and tested.

Like other USB Sticks, it also supports a variety of video, audio, and image formats without worrying. You can easily transfer and copy your 4K UHD videos, movies, music, and other media files. Plug and play feature allows you to play your movies instantly.

However, you cannot connect it to your phone directly without any external of extra hardware. But, it can easily be connected to your LG smart TV or any other TV like Samsung, Sony. But, you need to check your TV port specification and manual to avoid any issues.

PNY Pro Elite USB Stick for LG TV

PNY Pro Elite is one of the best memory sticks for all smart TVs including LG TV. It has variety of storage sizes like 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. Yes, exactly 1 TB USB stick is phenomenal and a great source to store larger files in one place.

The main reason behind the selection of this USB stick for LG TVs is the larger size with an extraordinary speed of 400MB/s of speed. It is a 3.0 USB stick that can also support 2.0. All your devices that have USB compatibility, can easily detect and run this USB stick without hassle.

The writing or copying speed of this USB is 400MB/s to a minimum of 250MB/s.  However, the speed depends on the size of the USB drive you select and opt for. You can get 180MB/s of write speed with the USB of 256GB and 250-400MB/s speed with 512GB-1TB.

Also, the rate of the speed is extraordinary and transfers files on your older version of 2.0 on PC or devices with 60 times faster.

It is small in size and can easily be fixed and connected to all smart TVs including LG TV. It supports all types of video formats, music, and photos.

In sum, you can add all your 4K HD videos, photos, and music in one place without getting short of storage. It doesn’t have dual connectivity to be compatible and work with your phone. You can always connect your phone with an external dongle. It is also important to check the compatibility of storage with your phone or TV before you buy it. However, this device can easily be connected to all devices just plug and play.

I hope that you have now a better idea to pick the best USB stick for LG TV or any smart TV. We love to hear your opinions and experiences. You can share your experience and issues on our Facebook page or contact us as well.

We have listed some common issues and questions that are frequently asked by LG users.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) 

Does LG TV have USB port?

Most of old LG TVs do not have the option of a USB port. They have only other media ports like audio, video, and cable ports. But, the latest models have now USB ports and it has now become one of the most important parts of all Smart and normal LED TVs either it is LG, Samsung, Sony, or any other brands.

However, if you are not sure about your LG TV, Just check the manual of your LG TV or check around your television to see the availability of USB port.

How Do I Use the USB on MY LG TV?

It is very simple, just plug the USB stick into the port of your LG TV and go to the menu setting or just click directly to input from your LG TVs remote and select multimedia / USB and there you are. Go and access all your videos, music, photos, and other media files.

What TV has the Best sound Quality?

Why Won’t my USB work on my LG TV or LG TV Unable to Support USB device?

There are several reasons if your USB is not working on your LG TV.

  • The first thing we always recommend you to check the compatibility of your USB and TV, if you have a USB of version or 2.0, and Your Television port doesn’t support that so it may be the reason. And you have to go for a compatible USB drive.
  • Secondly, just check your USB on your PC if it is working fine or not. If it is detected on PC and files are shown over there or not.
  • Next, try to format your USB drive and try to reconnect it to your TV. Sometimes, LG TV or any smart TV may have the issue to connect a USB being used again and again over various devices.
  • Another reason can be the hardware issue, do check if your USB port is fixed on TV’s board and doesn’t have any losing or movement. Because with frequent usage of USB drives, the soldering gets loosed and you may confront with USB detection errors.
  • Lastly, some of the users may use a USB extension cable to connect USB drives which may cause this issue. So, try to connect it directly to Your TV’s USB port rather than using an extension cable. However, you can also replace the extension cable to connect it but, It may lower the speed of files transfer.

What USB format works on LG TV?

USB formats that work on LG TV are normal and all USB drives or external hard drives that are formatted with FAT32 or NTFS file system by Operating systems can easily be connected and detected on USB compatible LG TVs.

How Do I get my USB to Work on my TV?

If you have issues connecting USB to your TV, Just follow these steps.

  • Check either your TV supports USB or Not. In some cases, you may have a USB port available in your TV mostly in older models, but that USB port is used just for programming purposes rather than for multimedia.
  • See if you have a multimedia option in your TV menu settings. If you don’t see that it may not work on your TV.
  • If you have the latest model and do also have options in the menu for multimedia and still your USB is not working on TV. Just use another flash drive to see if that is working or not. If it works then you need to replace your flash / USB drive. In case that doesn’t work too then move to the next step.
  • Just reset your TV settings to default or factory settings. (please note that you may lose your favorite channels or settings stored so be careful to do it if you are fine with it).
  • If the problem persists please check your USB port if it has losing and needs soldering.

Can I connect external HDD to LG TV?

Definitely you can connect external HDD to LG TV if that supports external HDD. Before opting for the external HDD, please check the manual of your TV so that you may get a better idea for opting for the right and specific storage of external HDD with all required and compatible specifications.

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What external hard drive works with LG TV?

It depends on the model of the LG TV and its compatibility with external hard drives. However, mostly all external hard drives to 2TB can easily work with LG TV.

It’s best advised connecting the external hard drive with compatible and rated voltage of 5V and current of 500mA which most LG TVs do provide through USB ports.

You can check the best external hard drives for LG TV Here :

Important Note: To be safe, it is always suggested to eject your USB memory stick connected to your TV or external hard drive before pulling it out. Otherwise, you may get errors and face some issues in the future with connectivity.