About Us

We are a team of professionals working in the field of Technology and online research. We have a vision of providing the latest and smart reviews about different technologies, stuff and other latest goods. We research, make notes and stats, apply/test them and write those in the shape of reviews for our readers.

Manager / Owner

This site is owned and operated by Ayub Zehri. I am Ayub Zehri, Admin, and owner of this site. I have done my Masters in Computer Science and love to experiment with different software and hardware with the latest technologies. I have my team working with me where we do experiments on different stuff either its buying guide or tips and tricks, we love to experience new things and latest results which no one would have on the record. We do also respect our visitors and create content as per their demands.

This industry of Technology is growing too fast and day by day new updates and new technologies are introduced. It is very hard for someone to select a product that he or she doesn’t know about. They spend their time and money and get such stuff which does not meet their requirements.

So, me and my team select such products with advanced research methods to let our users know each and everything about that product. Where we miss any information or we do not notice in our reviews so we ask those users who have already been using those products, to add the value to this information. We provide authentic and unbiased reviews where our user satisfaction and trustworthiness are most important.

We are still growing and continuing our journey towards a successful future.

Our media partner team is also looking to create a separate Youtube Channel for this site where we will provide you with visuals.

Have any questions, do contact us through Contact Page. We would love to help you out.