Best Electric Shaver for Neck

Top 3 Best Electric Shaver for Neck That You Love to Have

One of my best friends asked me if I had the best electric shaver for the neck. I gave him the one which I used for myself so he denied using that as he has already been using the same one.

I didn’t realize that anyone would be so curious about neck hair. So, my own curiosity compelled me to research about best electric shaver for the neck which is available in the market and online. I had also some questions like you. And my research began as to

Why would we need a shaver for neck hair?

Is it necessary to have a separate or best multifunction shaver for the neck?

What if we do it with a normal shaver?

What should we check before buying an electric shaver?

Best Electric Shaver for Neck


So, like these, there were many more questions.

Well, to be frank, I went through all these questions. So, I will provide you the detail about this research you will love and all your doubts regarding these best shavers will be changed.

And guys let’s start here.


Why would we need a shaver for neck hair?

You know we have different body parts that are so sensitive and need more cure and extra safety. So, when it comes to shaving the neck area, here we have sensitive skin too.

Sensitive Skin:

Yes, my dear readers, our skin of the neck is so sensitive if we don’t care about it, it will be harsh and so rough. We have to get our skin of neck the best product either lotion or shaver. If we don’t use the best or a good shaver for our neck hair, you might notice stray hairs that are still available after several shavers pass.

And when we want to remove those hairs, we have to pass or move the shaver several times which causes irritation and sometimes even skin rashes and discomfort.

Is it necessary to have a separate or best multifunction shaver for the neck?

I don’t think you should have a separate shaver for the neck. As explained the skin is so sensitive and you need to care about that. But yes, if you have the best multifunction shaver which doesn’t discomfort your neck area and you can easily get a smooth shave.

What if we do it with a normal shaver?

You can decide better depending on your shaver. If it is working fine with your shave and you are doing good in the neck area. So, I think there should not be any problem. But, if a normal shaver needs many passes to shave neck hair, you need to change your shaver and get the best electric shaver for the neck.

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What should we check before buying an electric shaver?


  1. Rotary or Foil
  2. Cord or Cordless
  3. Battery Backup
  4. Trimmers / Blades
  5. Washable or Not
  6. Cost
  7. Warranty
  1. Rotary or Foil Shavers

There are basically two types of shavers Rotary and Foil. Basically, they both do the same job with minor differences or comparisons.

  1. Cord or Cordless

I think nowadays most of the shavers built both features due to the need of the market. So, you can check out if it can be used with wire or not. This means in case of an emergency, the charge is down and you need to shave through the direct wire. Just check out that feature as well.

  1. Battery Backup

Battery backup is also an important key factor when buying an electric shaver. As you need to take that as a top priority. It should be a minimum of 40 to 60 minutes of regular use.

  1. Trimmers / Blades

Trimmers/blades must be cleaned easily. Check out if they can be cleaned without any hurdles and also their edges which may not affect your skin. And they should have self-sharpening technology if possible so that they may live long.

  1. Washable

Shaver’s nowadays must be washable so that you can easily wash them and let them dry without having too much care and precautions for them.

  1. Cost

This depends upon the quality, features, and made of the shavers. So, decide as per quality, feature, and made of that shaver keeping the optimum price in mind.

  1. Warranty

Of course, when you decide to purchase a shaver with a good price, you must check out the warranty to avoid any mishap in the future.

So, now you know got the answer to the above questions. You will definitely need to have a good shaver for your neck.

So, I have gone through different best electric shavers for the neck and listed them below with my own reviews.

In the end, I concluded my honest review regarding these all shavers which will also help you out in some formal situations.

Best Electric Shaver for Neck

These are the best electric shaver for the neck.

1.Philips Norelco

2.Venyn 5 in 1 

3.Hatteker Shaver

1. Philips Norelco MG7750/49 

Guys, you better know that when we talk about electric shavers, so Philips is definitely one of the most prominent trademarks in this niche. Electric shavers without Philips would be incomplete.

best electric shaver for neckPhilips Norelco MG7750/90 is a foil electric shaver. Neat and clean design shaver has rubber for grip. This model of Philips comes with all different qualities and features to satisfy your desire for shaving and hair trimming.

It has dual-cut technology with a self-sharpening of blades. Different trimmer guards provide you with the best shave for your beard, mustaches, and neck hair. The precision of trimming is another quality that helps you to have your shave and trim hair with very fewer passes of a shaver. The shaver can be used cordless or with wire. Helpful for sensitive skin in order to be safe from irritation and discomfort.

In sum, this shaver does its job better with the price it holds. Check the Price Now.

So, just jump in deep regarding the features and different accessories of this shaver we have:

Product Accessories

This shaver has the following accessories;

A metal trimmer for neck hair, Ear Trimmer, Nose Trimmer, Foil shaver, Wide hair trimmer, 6 guards for hair trimming, 3 guards for bear trimming, 2 guards for stubble trimming, and an eyebrow trimming guard.

This shaver has advanced dual-cut technology which trims hair smoothly. Dual-cut technology ensures precision. The backup of the shaver is well enough. It provides 5 hours of backup with a lithium battery.

You will love the shaver as its guards are so secure that you need not worry about their bending and slipping. In addition, rubber grip provides another level of protection and grip. Shaver is washable and can be rinsed easily.

Shaver has a stainless steel frame and trimmer. The shaver provides extra-wide hair cutting with the precision trimmer. Trimmer blades are self-sharpening.

It is chargeable and can be used with charge / cordless or with wire. The backup time for this shaver is 5 hours for regular use however, it can be used for weeks if used for 10 to 20 minutes per day. Moreover, it doesn’t require oil-like lubricants for maintenance.

So, hope you have now familiar with this product and going to buy it now. Right?


Hmmm, just wondering why No………? Got it…

No one would buy like that without knowing what is good and bad about this shaver right?


  • Dual Cut Technology
  • Steel frame and Trimmer
  • Washable Shaver
  • Doesn’t require oil for maintenance


  • Can’t be used when wet or under the shower

best electric shaver for neck

2. Venyn 5 in 1 (Rotary Shaver) 

You know why I put this product in second because after long research I found this one only with 5 in 1 shaver in original. But it isn’t as if I am just praising it to get it now lol.

best electric shaver for neckActually, I liked this product and kept it in 2nd position due to its multifunction grooming kit where you get a nose trimmer head, facial cleansing brush, trimmer head, and electric shaver head which are all detachable. This shaver has also dual blade technology which automatically adjusts with your face or neck area and even the jaw.

This adequate shaver has rounded edges which provides a smooth shave. The other quality of this shaver which keeps it 2nd in the list at the top, is……… Just guess?

Ok. Let me tell you, this shaver is also made for sensitive and subtle skin, which means it will not irritate your skin and you don’t feel discomfort with it.

As in many cases, you also need such shaver that doesn’t need too much care or precautions like to avoid being wet. So, here is another feature of this best electric shaver for neck hair, it is a waterproof and wet-dry shaver. You can use it in both conditions either with gel or without gel.

 In addition, 5 in 1 feature and battery must be complying with each other right. However, you can get 60 minutes of cordless usage by just charging it up for 1.5 hours only. It has a USB chargeable port which makes it easier to attach it to your laptop, PC or Mobile phone charger anywhere.

The trimmers are easily cleaned and rust-free. You can enjoy shaving with a smooth and soft feel.

In sum, it is a great electric shaver that can help you for a better shave. So, just see what is good and bad about this shaver.


  • Light in weight
  • Chargeable with USB port
  • Rust free trimmers
  • Washable
  • Water-resistant
  • 4 attachable heads
  • Good Battery Backup


  • Can slip while wet or under the shower

best electric shaver for neck

3. Hatteker shaver ( Rotary ) 

It is most likely to be the same as venyn, but with some differences.

Hatteker shaver is also one of the best electric shavers for the neck, which can be used cord or cordless. It also provides you the one-year warranty promising 100% dedicated service satisfaction.

It is also a multifunctional electric shaver that provides you to shave beard, and neck hair, nose trimming, and facial cleansing with a facial brush.

The trimmers are so clean and fine that provide you with precision and smooth shave. You can use this shaver with gel or without gel. You can now enjoy wet and dry shaving within the home or outside in camps anywhere.

Battery backup of 60 minutes is gained by 1.5 hours charge which helps you to do a better shave with satisfaction. The shaver is charged through USB peripherals with a quick charging board. It is also best to use it while traveling.

The smooth shaver is compatible with your neck areas. Almost all types of skin either sensitive, this shaver is the best choice for those.

The nose trimmer is easily adjustable and ready to use frequently.

It has also a display of LCD indicator that shows battery status, charging indicator, travel lock indicator, and cleaning indicators as well.

So, it also looks good for shaving your neck hair. Right?

Let us see what are the pros and cons of this shaver.


  • One key lock function
  • Good battery backup
  • Smooth shaving quality
  • One year warranty
  • Washable shaver


  • The battery needs a consistent charge, which means once per week.

best electric shaver for neck

Last Words:

So, guys, you may have gone through all this article and research. I tried my best to put some more products in this regard, but personally, I didn’t have their experience so can’t tell you about those. However, if anyone is looking for the best electric shaver for neck hair or a smooth shaver or a trimmer for the nose, can opt for anyone.

You may see many other brands available, but these are based on my own experience and research.

Hope you enjoyed it and loved it. Please let me know if you have any questions in this regard, just leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Best Electric Shaver for Neck

Q: How can I find the best electric shaver for the neck?

A: Finding the best electric shaver for your neck involves considering factors like comfort, performance, and features. Look for shavers specifically designed for sensitive areas, such as the neck, with features like flexible heads, sharp blades, and advanced contouring technology. Reading reviews, seeking recommendations, and considering the brand’s reputation can also help you make an informed decision.

Q: What are the key features to look for in an electric shaver for the neck?

A: When choosing an electric shaver for the neck, look for features like a pivoting or flexible shaving head to adapt to the contours of your neck. Opt for shavers with multiple cutting elements or precision trimmers to capture all the hair effectively. Other features to consider are wet and dry capabilities, adjustable speed settings, and a long-lasting battery for convenience.

Q: Can I use any electric shaver for my neck?

A: While many electric shavers can be used on the neck, not all are specifically designed for this area. It is recommended to choose a shaver that is explicitly advertised or recommended for neck shaving. These shavers often have features like specialized neck-contouring technology or extra-sensitive skin settings to ensure a comfortable and close shave.

Q: Are foil shavers or rotary shavers better for the neck?

A: The choice between foil and rotary shavers for the neck depends on personal preference. Foil shavers are known for their close and precise shave, making them suitable for those with fine or shorter hair on the neck. Rotary shavers, on the other hand, are designed to handle longer or coarser hair and can be more suitable for those with thicker neck hair. It’s best to try both types and see which one works better for you.

Q: How can I prevent skin irritation when using an electric shaver on my neck?

A: To prevent skin irritation when using an electric shaver on your neck, make sure to prepare your skin properly. Cleanse your neck area before shaving and use a pre-shave lotion or gel to soften the hair and protect the skin. Shave in the direction of hair growth and avoid pressing too hard on the skin. After shaving, apply a soothing aftershave balm or moisturizer to calm the skin.

Q: Can I use an electric shaver on a wet neck?

A: It depends on the specific shaver. Some electric shavers are designed for wet and dry use, meaning they can be used on a wet neck with water, shaving foam, or gel. However, not all electric shavers are suitable for wet use, so it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications before using it on a wet neck.

Q: How often should I replace the blades on my electric shaver for the neck?

A: The frequency of blade replacement varies depending on the shaver model and how often you use it. As a general guideline, it is recommended to replace the blades every 12 to 18 months to maintain optimal performance. However, some shavers have indicators that signal when it’s time to replace the blades. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the shaver can also prolong the lifespan of the blades.

Remember, if you have any specific concerns or questions about a particular electric shaver model, it’s always best to consult the manufacturer’s instructions or reach out to their customer support for accurate and detailed information.

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