Best wireless router with long range

5 Amazing Best Wireless Router with Long Range

Best Wireless Router with Long Range

Hey guys, today I just went in my lawn and wanted to do some internet. I got very frustrated as I didn’t have the best wireless router with a long range that could facilitate me.

I was so irritated and experienced this first time as I didn’t work in the lawn since I started using the internet. So, I thought that it may not only be the case with me only. Someone like me and you might have also been struggling and facing such issues. So, I researched to get the best wireless routers that cover the long-range either for home or offices.

Meanwhile researching on this issue and consulting some network experts in this field, I also got some common questions and FAQ’s which would also help you to overcome these issue.

So, let’s begin the game. You know when you install internet connection or purchase it for your home as per your requirement and speed. You probably need it to be the same as the Internet Service Provider’s promise. But, unfortunately, you get frustrated after a week or a month. At the start, it might be a lovely and fast connection but with the passage of time, it sucks.

There you get bored and irritated. You may confront with slow connection speed, weak signals, security breach, continuous dis-connectivity, and many other issues.

The router installed at your home or office doesn’t seem to provide the quality service. So, you contact the helpline, customer support, and service providers to resolve the issue. Most of the time the issue remains the same.

Hence, you take a step either to deactivate the internet or change your internet service provider. Most of the time consequences are the same. Such issues may be due to low and cheap internet service providers, old routers, network issue, cable line problem, the range of the router or any other issues.

Exactly, as said earlier, the range matters. So, here I am going to provide you the best wireless router with long-range signals.

So, here is the list of wireless routers which are reviewed for you to compare them and get your desired router.

  1. Linksys EA6350
  2. TP-Link AC1900
  3. Tenda AC1200                                        
  4. RAVPower FileHub, AC750 
  5. NETGEAR R6700 

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1. Linksys EA6350

This wireless router is one of the best wireless routers with long-range. It includes many features and can easily be configured and started using. This wireless router has dual-band WiFi. It has USB Port 3.0 which allows fast data transmission. It has the next generation AC technology which is much faster than Wireless-N Technology. The speed is from N300 – 867mbps.

AC Technology is 2.8% more powerful / faster than N technology. It uses 80 MHz where Wireless N technology from 20 to 40 MHz So, this next-generation technology can control the huge amount of data to transfer through this peripheral router and also provides strong long-range signals for wireless devices.

This router has both two bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Four Ethernet strong connections provide the connection to multiple devices.

Smart App provides another control and security level to you for controlling your multiple devices through this app. either you are using it in an office or at home, this works fine at both places. Moreover, it has also parental control for security purpose to safeguard your network.


  • AC technology with fast data transfer
  • USB 3.0 Port
  • Long-range coverage
  • Smart App with a parental control system
  • Dual-band 2.4ghz and 5ghz


  • Sometimes firmware update restarts the router repeatedly

2. TP-Link AC1900

Best wireless router with long range 2This router of TP-Link is white in color and has 3 long rounded detachable antennas for maximum signal coverage. The beautiful silver color stand provides it support to be kept on the desk. It has 11ac Next-generation Wi-Fi technology. It is also a dual-band gigabit router. It supports both 2.4GHz to 5GHz where 2.4GHz supports up to 600Mbps and 5GHz supports up to 1300Mbps. Overall the total bandwidth of this router is 1.9Gbps. To keep this speed steady and stable, Dual Core processor of 1GHz makes it perfect.

In addition, for data transfer and backup, this router provides you with two USB ports of 2.0 and 3.0. The backside USB port is of 2.0 for slower data transfer where at the right side you will get 3.0 USB port for fast transmission of data.

TP-Link router AC1900 provides you to join your games without any freeze, High Definition Videos streaming with high speed and without scrambling / buffering. It also provides you to connect with your other peripherals like mobiles and tablets.


  • 11ac WiFi Technology for fast speed
  • Dual-band technology
  • Beamforming Technology for long and stable signals
  • Smart App with high-security controls


  • 5GHz band heats up after sometimes when used
  • Poor customer support.

best wireless router with long range

3. Tenda AC1200

best wireless router with long rangeAs we talk about Networking Technology either it is routers, modems, hubs or WiFi Dongles, Tenda is also one of the most prominent manufacturers of these products.

As for the best wireless routers with a long range are concerned, Tenda AC1200 AC6 is one of the best products of Tenda. The router is in black color and has a tremendous shape like a drone. The front panel has 5 blue led lights for indicating signals and connections.

Four antennas of 5dBi are High-gain and strong signal provider in offices and homes makes it stand out amongst other routers. This router is also dual-band router like others having 11ac generation WiFi technology with the speed of 1167 Mbps. The 2.4 GHz provides speed @ 300 Mbps whereas 5 GHz @ 867 Mbps.

The wireless signal technology used in this router is also Beamforming technology guaranteeing the strong and stable signals around. This router works as low power consumption due to advanced chips in the mainboard.

It has 28nm Central Processing Unit (CPU) which assures the stability of the connection and you can enjoy your games and video streaming on your PCs, Mobile phones and tablets without any interruption and scrambling.

In addition, smart App provides another level of ease and comfortability to users for control over router and connection which is one of the key factors in routers nowadays.

In sum, this router is a well-defined product to be kept amongst the list of best wireless routers that provide long-range service.


  • Four (4) 5dBi high-gain antennas
  • 5th generation 11ac WiFi
  • Low power consumption
  • Stable connection connectivity
  • The fast and wide range of coverage


  • Doesn’t provide speed more than 100Mbps+ on Band 2.4 GHz and 300 Mbps+ on 5 GHz

best wireless router with long range

4. RAVPower File Hub Plus AC750

best wireless router with long rangeRAVPower File Hub is more than a router. It is a router and file-sharing hub which provides ease of access.

This router file hub is black in color and beautifully shaped like a power bank. This router is chargeable and portable this is why it is called a portable travel router.

The weight of this router is also so minimum that you can take it with yourself i.e. 0.6lbs.

The router uses 2 dual bands like others of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. This router allows 5 mobile phones or peripherals at the same time on WiFi.

5200mAh power battery provides better power and charges resource to you for better and long service.

It also supports USBs, SD Cards for more flexible use. As said it is file hub so, it is the best source to transfer files from USBs to External devices like hard drives, etc. You can connect USB Hard Drive of 4TB and SD cards / SDHC / SDXC cards of 2TB.

RAVPower File Hub now delivers such features to you in order to enjoy your every moment without any trouble and flawless connection. It also allows the user to create bridge connection means this router can be used as a bridge in your network.

The router is also featuring the quality and function of the extender which provides another level of long-range signals to your home and office peripherals without a wired and complex connection. So, this router stands prominent due to its multifunctional features.


  • Low weight portable router and extender
  • File Hub for sharing and transferring data
  • As a Personal Cloud
  • Media Sharer and Streamer


  • The bridge feature sometimes doesn’t work
  • Doesn’t support all Mac OS

This product may not be available now, as it is updated you will be notified. 🙁

best wireless router with long range

5. NETGEAR R6700

best wireless router with long rangeNetgear is one of the main network accessories provider manufacturer which delivers awesome and several products. As for the best wireless routers with long-range is concerned, Netgear’s R6700 is likely to be one of the best.

The router features 11ac next-generation technology with dual-band and three 3 antennas for long-range signal booster and speed. The router has a dual-core processor which also enables and assures 1750Mbps speed.

Like other routers, Netgear R6700 provides you with beamforming technology so that you get stable and strong long-range signals and connection. The fast WiFi Speed delivers from 450+ to 1300 Mbps.

The router has a dual-band of 2.4 GHz and 5GHz which guarantees the strong signals and speed for large homes. The router has also USB port of 3.0.

The router has an easy setup with the smart app, parental control, and VPN support. The NightHawk App provides the best control to you over your routers and devices.

You can start your games without any tension of dis-connectivity or a slow connection. Now hit your enemy and get to target with the relief of mind. You can also stream your High Definition videos with the best wireless router with a long-range. Mobiles and tablets can easily be connected with this router far from your routers as promised with a long-range.

The Netgear is having a 1-year warranty for this to you that seems to be great.


  • Long-range signals for large homes and offices
  • NightHawk App smart features
  • Parental control
  • Pausing the internet through App


  • Doesn’t support some smart devices like Echo
  • Poor customer support

best wireless router with long range

Last Words:

[su_quote]After reviewing all these 5 amazing best wireless routers with the long-range specification, I experienced that RAVPower file hub provides me with ease of access and portability and file transfer service as well whereas; Netgear R6700 is something more efficient as it comes to routers. But, in the end, all 5 routers work amazingly best. You can try any of these for yourself. [/su_quote]

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