How to wear earphones while walking

Did You Know How to wear earphones while walking?

How to wear earphones while walking?

If you love walking like me, you would also have a question that how to wear earphones while walking?

I really enjoy walking to be active and fresh in my daily tasks. Most of the times I put on earphones to listen to some music while walking. Having the experience of this activity for too long, I had mostly some issues and trouble with regards to earphones while my walk.

So, after some research and practice of daily walking, I got with some ideas and steps which are now my routine to-dos for walking. Before, I let you know those steps or to-dos, let’s have some more questions in minds in regard to this topic.

  1. Is it safe to walk with headphones in?
  2. What are the dangers of listening to music while walking?
  3. Are there any benefits of listening to music while walking?

These are some important and frequently asked questions. So,

Is it safe to walk with headphones in?

Well, actually there are two perspectives in this regard. One is yes and the other is No.

So, when we say yes it means that if you follow all caveats which we will discuss down in steps, so definitely it is safer to listen to music while walking. In addition to safety, you would also be surprised by the great outcome of these walks. How? Will know in detail below.

And No, means that you don’t follow the following precautions or steps to be safe. And in most of the cases, around the world accidents and fatalities are occurred by not following these warnings.

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What are the dangers of Listening to music while walking?

As said, if you don’t follow and apply the proper procedure of steps, it is definite that you will be having dangers like:

  1. Accidents
  2. Self-injuries
  3. Danger the lives of others
  4. Causing damage to ears

and many other dangers can really happen which are undoubtedly serious.

Are there any benefits of listening to music while walking?

Besides dangers, there are also some benefits of listening to music while walking. It provides you inspiration, motivation and tireless walking. It can also get you to move your steps fast through the target. It releases your tensions and depression as well.

So, I hope you have now some basic information in this regard. Consequently, knowing the passion for your fitness and health, I don’t compromise on anything and don’t want you to. There are some pre-requisites before we start the steps.

Prerequisites for listening to music while walking

  1. Quality of earphones
  2. Fitting of earphones
  3. Wired or wireless earphones
  4. Place where you are walking
  5. Type of music and its volume
  6. Placement of your device
  7. Target destination or time

Now, you may wonder why these prerequisites? I know well because of my experience and further coming steps these are very essential information that you must be aware of.

1. Quality of Earphones

You better know why this is at the top, because of the music which you are going to listen. The better quality of earphones can provide you with the ease of your exercise. Good quality earphones are a key factor so that you don’t need to worry about loud volume or something like noisy music.

As for walking is concerned, you are probably either in a park, roadside or any place where you may have some interaction with people. So, good quality of earphone allows you to adjust the volume with minimal music so that you can easily interact around and enjoy your walking.

2. Fitting of earphones

Along with the good quality of earphones, you may also check the fitting of earphones. It should be fixed in your ear smoothly without any irritation or continued fall off. I mean to say that it may not hurt your ears and be flexible to be adjusted in your ears.

This is because while walking through frequent movement if the fitting is not appropriate, the earphones will fall off, again and again, resulting in a disturbance.

3. Wired or wireless earphones

It may seem unusual or kind of the stupid point, right? But, you know these both types of earphone either wired or wireless differ in use.

If you have wireless earphones, you must have the best fitting sleeves that may not fall of during walk. As there is not a certain or specific implementation of wireless earphones as like wired do have.

Through wired earphones, you can put them over the ear in the back from your T-Shirt or over the ear in front beneath your T-shirt zip, etc.

In short, just have these comparisons for wired and wireless earphones.

4. Place where you are walking

Now, you have got the best quality wired or wireless earphones with the best fitting, the next thing is your surroundings. I mean the place where you are walking. You must consider it either it is in a street, park, roadside, jungle or in your own lawn.

If it is your own lawn, jungle or uncrowded place where you’re walking and want to put your earphones on, you may not be so careful. But, when it is a busy street, congested place or too many pedestrians where you plan to walk or already walking then, it is also a great concern for you while putting earphones during the walk.  As busy areas with heavy traffic need more concentration and precautions.

You have to be careful while using earphones and music in your daily walking routine in such places so that’s why it is kept in prerequisites for your information.

5. Type of Music and its Volume

Most of you may see it silly, that type of music and volume, what is the connection between these. So, yes it is also a matter of great concern. As said earlier that walking area matters so it also matters. It is suggested according to time and place. If you are in a crowded area so it is suggested to have normal music with low volume so that you may not be distracted with music.

Moreover, if it is a calm and peaceful place then it depends on your surroundings either to have any type of music and its volume. Hence, you should not be distracted in any way.

6. Device placement

Either you are using iPhone, iPad, MP3 Player or any cell phone, you should have it placed properly. I mean to say that it should not be in your hands, as to enjoy your full walk and be ready to safeguard yourself from any inadvertent situation.

Device placement can be done properly by keeping your device in your pocket and supporting bags if you have put them on.

7. Target Destination / Time

It is also very important that you must have a clear point or target where you want to reach and stop there. Most of us keep walking without our exact destination or time. It mostly happens when we put earphones on and start music, we are distracted or sometimes enjoy that music too much that we even forget our targeted point or exact time which we have scheduled for our walking.

Thus, valuing our precious time and energy, we must be clear about our exact schedule.

So, now you know the prerequisites of listening to music while walking. It’s time to know about how to wear earphones while walking. Well, don’t be so astonished if we are going to talk about some rocket science. If you have followed the above steps so you have already done more than 80%. Just let’s begin.

Steps to wear earphones while walking.

  1. Put on earphones

While you are walking, the most first step is to put your earphones on as now you have quality earphones and best fitting sleeves so you can put them on without any irritation and disturbance.  Get them on in the very first step.

  1. Concentrate on Track

As said, good quality earphones with the best fitting will not distract your concentration. Yes, it is important that while putting your earphones, you may not lose your concentration from the track. It is observed that we lose our concentration from the track if earphones are not put properly or fit in the ear. In this case, now you have all steps followed, after putting earphones you should have a concentration on track in order to be safe from any injury or unwanted conditions.

  1. Play Music

The third step is to start the music of your choice as per your location and mode. Without getting distracted and losing concentration, you may have your type of music on your playlist for your walking activity.

  1. Adjust Volume

Now when music is started, it is time to adjust the volume. It shouldn’t be too loud so that you may lose interaction from your atmosphere. Adjust the volume so that you may enjoy music and walk both and the decibel should also not hurt your ears.

  1. Device placement

After volume adjustment, it is the time to put the device back in pocket or bag safely. It is just for safety purpose and for our own benefit. Most people keep their devices in hands and continue walking. There are two major negative aspects of doing it in this way. The one is that we can’t protect ourselves if we fell down while walking and the other is the devices gets heat up and sometimes our hands sweat resulting in heat up devices.

So, it is better to keep back the device in a pocket or bag that you carry.

  1. Avoid Distraction

After the device kept safely, it is time to enjoy music. Yes, enjoy your music but don’t get distracted. Keep your full concentration on track. It may cause serious damage. Music can distract you from your surroundings. So, keep interaction with people around you and feel the atmosphere.

If you really start loving the music with your atmosphere and want to feel it with great intention and interest. Just stop walking and sit near on any bench, enjoy and feel that music.

So, I hope you have now learned about how to wear earphones while walking and be safe and sound. If you have any further questions in your mind just let me know through comments, it will be my pleasure to answer that as per my experience.

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