Can a Monitor Work without a PC

Can a Monitor Work without a PC? 2 Methods

Can a Monitor Work without a PC | Can you use a Monitor without a PC 

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Yes, the monitor can work without a PC as it is used for the display output. You can connect your TV device, laptop, PS4, and other hardware that have the option for output display like monitors.

If you have a monitor with a display port VGA, you can connect it with the Hardware that has the port for the VGA.

And if you have a monitor that has the port of HDMI then the hardware or laptop, PS4 or DVD/Blue-ray player may have that option of HDMI as well to work with it.

Today most monitors come with multiple display ports including HDMI, VGA, and DVI ports. The average users have now been using HDMI ports for the displays which work great and provide High Definition images.

Some of the users have either spare monitors or extra monitors that they want to bring into use without a PC or computer. I mean they want to functional it besides being kept useless.

For those users, we have the following options applying they can use a monitor to work without a PC. Even some of them might have such questions as well in their minds. As like,

Can a monitor be used as a TV without a PC or can a monitor be used with android devices without a PC and many more queries?

I have personal experience and researched based knowledge working with tech gadgets, and I have come up with the following simple solutions and answers to your questions. So, let’s begin with;

How a monitor can be connected and used as a TV without a PC?

There are two options that you might have with your monitor. As like I do have one of them. Either you have the only monitor option which normally comes with a computer connection or secondly you would have the option of a TV card in it which doesn’t come with most of the monitors.

And I do have both of these options in my 4 different monitors.

In the former case, for a monitor with only display ports either that is HDMI, VGA, or DVI, you have to have a TV card or Device that supports your monitor display ports. Can be connected as seen in image below;

Can a monitor work without a pc


Step 1. Connect the Display cable either HDMI or VGA as shown in the Image in this case we have HDMI so we will connect our HDMI Cable to our TV device and back into our monitor.

Can a monitor work without a pc

Step 2. Connect the Adapter or Power cable of the Monitor and Device.

Step 3. Connect the RF cable or Antenna Cable to the TV device.

Can a monitor work without a pc

Step 4. In the case of AV Cable connect the AV three wire cables.

Can a monitor work without a pc

Step 5. Turn on your monitor and TV device, all you are set to go.

These were the steps for the monitor that doesn’t have the option for the TV.

In later cases, a monitor has a built-in card or device attached to it. The only thing you need to do is connect your RF cable or TV antenna cable and select the input as TV to use your monitor as a TV without a PC or computer.

How to connect a Monitor to an android box?

Can a monitor be connected to an android box?

A monitor can also be connected with an android box like a TV device. Today most of users love to have and experience apps over their monitors. So, monitors can easily be connected and setup with the android box.

Android box provides all features of accessing the internet, running apps, watching movies, and even your favorite TV channels including playing games. A monitor can be used to function with an android box easily.

The process is simple as the above procedure.

Step 1. Connect the display ports with the help of HDMI or VGA cable. Today Most of the modern and latest monitors have HDMI ports.

 can a monitor work without a pc

Step 2. Connect the cable of the speakers to your android device. If you don’t have speakers, most of the android boxes have built-in speakers. When connected with HDMI, Your monitor may have the option for speakers.

Step 3. Connect the power cables of your devices, monitor, and android box both.

can a monitor work without a pc

Step 4. Turn on and connect your android box with your WiFi/Ethernet connection and configure it.

can a monitor work without a pc

You are all set and ready to go. That’s how easily an android box can be connected to the monitor.

Some other Frequently Asked Questions


Can you use a monitor as a computer?

No, you cannot use a monitor as a computer if it doesn’t have the built-in PC system like all-in-one computers. However, you can use your monitor as a secondary screen for your computer or laptop.

Read more about….. All in one PC

Do you need a PC tower for a monitor?

It is not important and necessary that you should have a PC tower for your monitor. You can use a Desktop computer or PC for your monitor. Even you can connect your monitor to a laptop like a second screen.

How do I Know if a monitor is compatible with my computer?

It is very simple, you need to check the display output ports at the backside of your computer where you will get either HDMI, VGA, or DVI output ports in some cases you will have two of them as well. You can see image below:

can a monitor work without a pc


can a monitor work without a pc


can a monitor work without a pc


The next thing is to check the Input ports of your monitor. If you have a computer with only an HDMI output port then you need to have an HDMI input port in your monitor and the same is with VGA and DVI.

However, in case it is not compatible you can either replace your monitor or go for the display converters or adopters that will solve this issue. You can check those display convertors as below;

F.A.Qs regarding Monitor and PCs

Will the new monitor work with the old computer?

Yes, the new monitor will work with the old computers if the new monitor has the compatibility option for display. If it doesn’t have that option, you can go for the display converters/adapters as above.

Can you power a monitor with a laptop?

Well, if your monitor consumes power more than 110V either AC or DC, you may not be able to turn it on and power a monitor with a laptop.

Besides, normally you cannot directly power on a monitor that has a power system through adopters and turns on by 9V DC or 12V DC current. You have to have any type of adopter or current booster to have it done for you.

Precisely, you cannot turn a monitor on a laptop.

Can You Use a Monitor without a PC? Can I use a monitor without a PC?

You can use a monitor without a PC as different methods mentioned. Monitors are display devices that can be connected to laptops, CCTV Cameras, PCs, gaming devices, and other media devices like TV boxes, etc. 

Do you need a PC for a Monitor? Do I need a PC for my Monitor? 

As explained earlier, it depends on the use and output you want to get out of a monitor. If you want it for gaming, official tasks, research and analysis, and other applications usage then definitely you may require a PC for a monitor. In addition, if you want to use it as a TV and other media sources like security cameras etc, then you may not need a PC for a monitor. 

Do you need a monitor for a PC? Does a Monitor need a PC?

Exactly, if you want to use a PC so you have to have an output device for display which is a monitor. Without a monitor, it is not possible to function PC. A monitor or LED/LCD TV is essential to be attached to the PC for output. 

PCs do need a monitor to function and work properly. PC without an output display is useless.

Can you Use a monitor as a computer?

You can not use a monitor as a computer but, a monitor can be used with a computer. A monitor is the only display device that will function with other input media devices. It is not a computer but a part of a computer system. 

Let us know if you have any further queries regarding monitors, we would be pleased to help you.