5 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $500

5 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $500

Best Floor Standing Speakers under $500? You might be curious that floor-standing speakers worth $500 could be the best and that cheap, will they be worth buying? So, here we have detail research and solutions to your curiosity after which you wouldn’t not be thinking but, going to opt for one of them.

Well, with the advent of new technology, day by day new designs is in trend. When we talk about technology, one thing that we cannot underestimate is the speakers. Speakers are almost used in the majority of technologies. Speakers are also of various variations and designs. While talking about speakers, Floor Standing Speakers cannot be ignored.

Floor Standing Speakers are just like other speakers to entertain you with your favorite music and movies. The vertical shaped design placed along with your 4K Led TV, and home theater cinema system, floor standing speakers don’t only attract the display but also provides a good experience of sound.

Best floor standing speakers under $500 would be challenging to get. Because most people think, it’s not that much easy and qualitative. The reason behind this thinking is the outstanding result of floor-standing speakers which normally cost more than $500.

But, here we have come up with our best floor standing speakers under $500 that will be the best options for our readers to go for it. We have personally tested these floor-standing speakers which were bought for under $500 and gone through their specifications, features, pros, and cons for normal to extensive music lovers. We will just discuss here the results which we had during our testing.

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Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $500

1. Yamaha NS F150 Best Floor Standing Speakers

Yamaha NS F150 is one of the best floor standing speakers that fall under $500. It has a minimalistic design with a woofer, tweeter, and speakers. It has an impedance of 6 ohms which is very attractive in this price range. In addition, it has two-way bass-reflex floor standing speakers when kept in the room, performs real natural sounds to entertain the listeners.

We connected this floor-standing speaker with our home theater system to test and see the minimum 50 W to Maximum Power of 180 W. The test was performed with HD  movies and music from Netflix.

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These speakers were outstanding in such a price range while testing. The sound quality with a medium range of frequency was amazing. The real sound has changed the environment of the home theater system watching HD movies.

88  dB sensitivity was also checked through audio recording and playing songs. The outer layer of these speakers was tolerable to maximum volume and impedance. The real deep sound from the front of these speakers is a great addition to the experience.

The only thing which we would recommend to avoid is wrong placement of speakers and adjustment of the additional speaker in wrong ways. Which can cause damage to the output of your sound and you may not enjoy it.

However, this speaker in this price range is a good addition to your home theater system to listen to classical music, watch HD movies and listen to your favorite podcasts.

2. Sony SS-CS3 3-Way 4-Driver Best Floor Standing Speaker

When we talk about technology Sony can not be ignored. Sony is a brand known worldwide for its reputation in the manufacturing of electronics products and technology.

The tower speakers of the Sony SS-CS3 have a High-resolution audio system that can capture and provide music/sound at a higher rate. We played a horror HD movie to see the perfect ratio of sound. The audio samples per second and bitrate accuracy were very good when we experienced the single crispy step and breathe very perfectly. It was an amazing output from Sony tower speakers.

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In addition, it has super tweeters which are designed to allow the user to experience the music and sound with an expanded soundstage. As said, the super tweeters were also very amazing while checked during horror movies and playing music. The music and sound were played and observed widely in the room. These tweeters being super tweeters allowed us to experience the real and physical presence in the scene.

Moreover, the 25mm soft dome main tweeter functions in collaboration with drivers and super tweeters to reduce rear sound pressure and allow the user to experience the natural vocals in music or movies.

The next thing we tested in the Sony SS CS3 floor standing speaker, was the cover of the speakers to see if it can tolerate the pressure of the high volume music. Sony claims to have a Mica Reinforced Cellular cone in these speakers. As most of the common speakers have paper cones but these MRC fiber woofers are rigid and don’t change their shape even at high volume pressures. It was very amazing to see that the shape and sound were not distorted while playing music.

In sum, these speakers were best with an impedance of 6 ohms and 145 W power. The 3 ways speakers with 4 drivers properly managed to be in the list of our Best Floor standing speakers under $500.

3. Jamo Studio Series S809 Floor standing Speaker


The tower speakers of Jamo Studio Series S809 were selected by our team to be on the list of Best Floor Standing Speakers under $500. This floor standing speaker has three Aluminized Polyfiber Woofers and 1 inch of soft Dome tweeter like Sony SS S3.

These speakers have a Dolby Atmos ready sound system which provides users an extra level of entertainment with a real sound system.

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The woofers of these floor standing speakers were tested playing action games, HD movies, and music with low to high volume. The impedance, power, and sound sensitivity were observed by our team. The sound of these speakers was good and performing well.

The only thing we observed while playing music with high bass and volume, the distortion was experienced at some level. However, it was not a permanent distortion. We changed the music track with bass and saw a difference. It might be the heavy home theater system we have connected it with.

But without AV receivers, it was working fine. If you have a normal even heavy home theater system, you can still go for these floor-standing speakers of Jamo Studio but, with medium volume.

Overall, these speakers with stylish designs can be a good addition to your home studio with this price range. You can enjoy with your music acoustic and better wide range spectrum of surround sound.

4. Klipsch R-625FA Powerful Floor standing Speaker

This floor standing speaker comes with a special feature of built-in Elevation speakers on the top of the soundbar. The main feature of this top elevation speaker is to allow the sound to reflect from the top of your room, meaning from the ceiling to anywhere in the room. It has also Dolby Atmos technology which enhances the sound system as well.

The other feature of this floor standing speaker was Tractrix Horn Technology which ensures the perfect high-frequency sound at its best to the listener by reducing the filtering and reverb effect caused artificially.

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The tweeters of this speaker were also very good as the manufacturer claims to have LTS (Linear Travel Suspension ) aluminum tweeter. The sound resolution was outstanding and the performance of tweeters was classy. Classical music, soundtracks with bass, and HD movies were played to have a valuable review of these tweeters. Which were very good and had an enhanced level of experiencing music.

With the woofers along with tweeters and elevation technology, the combination was a perfect match for these floor standing speakers. The home theatre system connectivity to see the real amplification of the sound in the room was a great experience. This speaker along with AV receivers performed very well while checking the bass, turbo, and Dolby Atmos quality of the soundtracks.

In the end, These tower speakers are also a very humble choice for the vinyl lover and home theater cinematic users to enjoy and entertain in this price tag. The combination and look of these floor standing speakers are also very decent to attract the view of the room.

5. Polk Audio T50 Best Tower Speakers

Polk Audio T50 is one of the Best floor standing speakers that are within your budget. It has a beautiful design vertically standing with (02) 6.5” Bass radiators and single 6.5” drivers. One-inch tweeters enhance the sound while playing music and watching movies of your choice.

The speakers at the front with tweeter and bass sound provide a decent display to your room when kept side by side to your LED TV either mounted on a wall or kept on the shelve.

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We tested the sound with our home theater AV receivers one by one. Checked it on 2.0, 2.1, 3.1 even 5.1 and 9.1 system setup which worked very well. The sound diversified through speakers and all basic tests like playing movies, music, and games were passed positively.

 The T Series performance was also outstanding especially while playing action games with a larger display and 5.1 Home theater setup. The Dolby and DTS support system of Polk Audio T50 enhances the sound quality and entertains the user with games, movies, and their choice of audio.

As for as the speaker’s design and made is concerned, they are of passive radiators type which ensures the real quality of bass output. However, while experiencing the bass output, it was good with bass but not as good as it must have been.

We have also tested these speakers without receivers which worked very well. And the sound output was good. But, the quality of sound enhanced more while attaching these speakers to receivers.

In some,  this is one of the best floor-standing speakers under $500 that will provide you a great experience with sound quality.



Note: These following speakers are tested by our team to bring you 5 of the best floor standing speakers under $500. These were tested by our team for the short time period maximum to 5 hours of each speaker. So, the results and our reviews would be based on the said time duration.

Ending Words;

We hope that you have gone through these reviews. We only focused on the main features that anyone could get an idea about. Here we didn’t discuss the pros and cons and other features/specifications of these speakers which are already available on the manufacturer page. Our main purpose is to know and get a good gadget for our readers.

So, we hope that you will love these 5 best floor standing speakers under $500. What we have opted for from these 5 tower speakers was the “Sony SS-CS3”. Let us know which one did you go for. And if you have any questions, just contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you out.