How to use all in one pc as a monitor

How to use All In One PC as a Monitor – 2 Methods

How to use All In One PC as a Monitor

Many of us might have all in one PC at home or in offices. Where most of them would only be used at offices. As larger displays attract the users.

So, everyone like I would like to use all in one pc as a monitor to connect it with laptops or pc to enhance their experience. Right?

Well, precisely all in one pcs cannot be used as a monitor separately. Because they do not have the option or port for video/display in. the display ports are only for display video out not for input. As like the display of laptops. It means they don’t have the option to be connected through inputs like from any other pc or laptop.

Laptops displays/monitors cannot be used as a monitor or they have only the option to output the display from the motherboard of a laptop.

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Same as, displays of all in one pcs have a connection through ribbon strip with motherboard which only uses the motherboards of the pc to display out the results.

Besides the display of all in one pc turns on or gets its voltage from the pc when it is powered on. It means the display cannot be turned on separately as we have the option in our pc setup. Where we can turn on / off the monitor whenever wanted.

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Can all in one pc be used as a monitor? or Can you use an all in one computer as a monitor?

Some users might still be curious and have in the mind to connect or use the display of all in one pc as a secondary monitor. The reason behind their curiosity might be;

  • Either their all in one pc is not in use anymore or
  • They want to use the display of all in one pc by any means.

That said, we have also researched and tried different methods to see if all in one pc can be used as a monitor. So, we have known the following two methods by which all in one pcs can be used as a monitor.

  1. Disassembly of all in one pc display
  2. External Controller boards

1. Disassembly of all in one PC Display

All in one pcs have their displays connected to the motherboards of p where power and display are connected. While using it as a display on the monitor, you have to disconnect it from the motherboards of pc.

Through display ports, it can be connected for display-in.  You can also power it from the motherboard of the PC but, it is not the best practice as it will consume more power. So, it is suggested to arrange voltages through the adapter.

After disassembling you need a display board as we do have in monitors, where we get the display in option. You have to solder/clip the strip of display monitor of all in one pc into that board and you can get the display in option for your all in one pc monitor.

But, for configuring and connectivity, you have to be expert and well aware of all basic and important factors like voltage needed for display, exact display board, etc.

2. External Controller Board

The other way is the same as the first one, but here you don’t need to worry about the voltage and other specifications. The external controller boards are available in the market which can be connected as seen in the below image.

How to use all in one pc as a monitor

The only thing you need to do is to disassemble the display from the motherboard of the all-in-one pc and connect it to the said specific external controller board.

Expert’s Advice

               While researching and implementing these steps, we have come to know the following precautionary steps to guide our users. You have to follow the following steps before you start.

  1. While disassembling and connecting the display with display boards, you have to be well aware and proper knowledge regarding these all.
  2. You should be well aware of the voltages required for the display monitor and should also know the usage of the current meter to avoid any damage to the display board.
  3. Avoid short circuits etc.

I hope that now you have a clear and better idea regarding the usage of all-in-one pc as a monitor. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this, we would love to help you. And also let us know that have you ever tried any of these methods before using all in one pc as a monitor.