144hz monitor under 100

Best Cheap 144Hz monitor under $100 to $300

You might be thinking that what is 144HZ and why would anyone search for such a term. Actually 144HZ is a refresh rate of the screen and is one of the highest refresh rates that can stop ghosting. however, a 200Hz refresh rate is also available in the market and we have also included one review for that monitor as well as below.

In addition, you need something like that within your budget and you have only $100 to $300 or less, so you may be worried and you can’t wait for your next paycheck or savings to get these types of monitors.

Well, we have brought you with 144HZ monitor those are in between $100-$300 and now you can have trusted reviews and details as below to choose among them.

Why 144HZ monitors?

Nowadays every tech lover is looking for the highest resolution and best screens for their games and graphics works. If you want to enjoy the best results for gaming, movies, graphics works, and another visual related task, then it is best to suggest to have a monitor that supports or have the functionality of 144HZ refresh rate.

More specifically, 144HZ monitors ensure that content displayed on the screen should be refreshed so quickly that the user may not feel ghosting, hanging and poor display.

As it is the era of gaming and advanced graphics feature so globally all manufacturers are focusing on new technology. That’s how new monitor and display technologies have adopted this advanced feature.

Mostly gamers and movie lovers like to have it on their monitors. Besides having a graphics card in their system but, the refresh rate provides another level of excellence to the display. As graphics cards in computers provides a specific number of frames per second where the monitor’s refresh rate enhances clarity and smoothness of the display.

Is there a difference between 60HZ and 144HZ?

Definitely there is too much difference in the refresh results. If you experience the 144HZ with 60HZ, you will notice a huge difference in display.

A display monitor having the highest and fastest refresh rate i.e. 144Hz, will have a minimum or even reduced input lag (Input Lag is basically the delay time taken while performing certain action electronically).

However, the refresh rate counts, but you may also see the input lag of a monitor, resolution and response time before considering it to buy.

You may also consider seeing the adaptive and G-sync both for a monitor with 144Hz refresh rate so that fast-paced games may be played with no interruption.

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Is it worth getting a 144hz monitor?

Well, getting a 144HZ monitor is really worth to have when you need to play fast-paced games and movies because you won’t have input lag issue and delay problem which provides you winning environment over your competitor/opponent in games who have 60HZ or 75HZ monitors.

I hope that you have now a clearer vision regarding 144HZ monitors and would love to see more details and information.

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So, here we have selected for you the latest and cheapest 144HZ monitors.

Best Cheap 144HZ monitors

1. AOC C24G1 24″ Curved Monitor 144Hz

2. Sceptre 24″ Curved 144Hz Gaming LED Monitor

3. Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor

4. Samsung 24-Inch CRG5 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

5. VIOTEK  Ultra-Compact 144Hz Gaming Monitor


1.       AOC C24G1 24″ Curved Monitor 144Hz

144hz monitor under 100This AOC 24″ curved gaming monitor meets a 144Hz refresh rate. It has FreeSyn support which provides the best gaming experience. It has 23.6″ (1920×1080) Full HD resolution.

It has a 1ms response time with a 144Hz refresh rate that outputs best and clean results. The curved panel provides a wide view of games and displays.

AMD technology avoids tearing and stuttering with FreeSync. No annoying Flickering in this monitor. You can use different software to enhance its display settings as well.

Well, we have tried this monitor personally to provide you with the best results. It is definitely a good monitor to be bought for such price and result. As AOC has been playing around half a century in this display technology. It plays clean and nice results while playing fast-paced games and as well as High Definition videos and movies. Adjustment and movement of the panel through swivel is very easy. It uses reduced flickering light levels that provide relaxing feel and comforts to eyes while playing long and intense gaming sessions.

In addition, the curved design provides the feel of being in the center of game playing action and more concentration in-game and movies.

  • Better color consistency

  • Low input lag

  • Good pixel responsiveness

  • Simple and curved design for the precision result

  • 144Hz quick response rate

  • Resolution restriction for some areas

  • Pixel density issues sometimes

144hz monitor under 100

2.       Sceptre 24″ Curved 144Hz Gaming LED Monitor

144hz monitor under 10024” (1920×1080) curved 144Hz gaming LED monitor of Sceptre is designed basically for gaming which enhances the graphics and provides the great feel of visualization. However, you can also use it for other purposes like movies and normal official tasks or even for your personal use.

It has a 144Hz refresh rate and claims that it is faster and double than other normal monitors which seem to be unique in such monitors.

The LED display is sharp enough and enhances the quality of colors in the right array and direction. It provides the best quality and crispy images with bright colors bringing a new look and life to images and videos.

The curved shape of this monitor has its own value which keeps the user into the field where the user experiences outstanding 1800R screen curvature.

While playing games on it and movies action genre, it passed the fast response time as well. This feature has really impressed me and my team while testing it.

In addition, FreeSync of AMD optimizes all stuttering and tearing ensuring the maximum quality of refresh rate and graphic’s card frame rate. It provides the anti-flicker function as well.

HDMI, DVI, and Display port all options work at 144Hz along with built-in speakers to enjoy graphics and sound together with gaming and movie-watching experience.

Besides, these features we loved the FPS (First Person Shooter) and RTS (Real-Time Strategy) display setting as well and security lock option with Kensington Lock which prevents the monitor from being theft.

In the end, it had also the option of tilt with 5° forward and 15° where we can easily adjust our angles as per our viewing positions.

  • 144Hz with double speed

  • Anti-flicker feature

  • Curved display with adjustable tilt

  • FreeSync AMD Technology

  • LED Display with Bright Colors

  • 60Hz while powering on, need to be changed in settings

144hz monitor under 100

3.     Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor

144hz monitor under 100Sceptre Curved Gaming Monitor of 30 inches is one of the best gaming monitors that we have reviewed. Why it is so, you will know here that;

It has a 200Hz refresh rate and a fast response time of 5MS. It is curved where we noticed that you wouldn’t be distracted and have your full focus on your games and movies. Meanwhile, you are performing tasks, it provides you a sense of reality and the actual environment.

AMD RADEON FreeSync enhances its visualization properties and makes it better. It has also First Person Shooter (FPS) and Real-Time Strategy (RTS) modes built-in settings.

Curved monitor with 21:9 ratio wide attracts the user’s attention and state of focus. In addition, Fast response time with a 200Hz refresh rate avoids blurring and ghosting of display while playing games or watching your favorite adventure or action movies.

Besides this feature, we reviewed another advanced feature of blue light shift which is not normally available in common monitors. This feature allows user to work under the dark mode, means the blue light shifts avoids and protects eye fatigue, stress, pain or pinching even irritation. It allows users to stay connected with projects or official tasks or even gaming for a longer time without causing any trouble or irritation.

Sceptre ultrawide monitor provides another advanced feature of multi-tasking where it provides picture by picture and picture in picture function as well.

Picture by Picture divides the display into half and two screens in one display which is very beneficial for multi-tasking.

Picture in Picture functionality pops up a small screen into the same screen which is also another plus point of this monitor.

It has also built-in speakers and beautiful backlight making your gaming and working station a beautiful environment.

  • 165Hz to 200Hz Refresh Rate

  • Fast Response Time

  • Multi-Display switching option

  • Multi HDMI inputs

  • Curved Ultra-Wide Display

  • FreeSync AMD

  • 200Hz works on 1st DP Connection only

144hz monitor under 100

4.       Samsung 24-Inch CRG5 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

144hz monitor under 10024 inch Samsung curved monitor is specially designed for gamers and named as a gaming monitor. It has a 144Hz refresh rate which provides a clearer image and display as well.

It has also an AMD FreeSync feature like other monitors. This feature along with the 3,000:1 contrast ratio enhances the picture/image quality of the monitor.

The curved screen with 1800R immerses users into games and movies where you are a step forward from your enemy and can attack them very quickly.

144Hz refresh rate avoids lagging and delay or motion blur for flat and smooth action. In addition, AMD Radeon FreeSync connects the monitor and display cards through a fast refresh rate so that image tear and stutter be reduced.

Enormous 3000:1 contrast ratio in this led monitor of Samsung provides gamers a night vision where enemies in darks can easily be seen and tracked. A normal monitor has 1000:1 contrast ratio which twice less.

It has also FPS, RTS and RPG picture mode where users can manually adjust their picture mode. And we loved it while trying various modes in games.

It has also eye saver or blue light shift mode like sceptre monitor where we tried to play gamed for a longer time to see if it is the best to fit for eye saver. It succeeded and you can enjoy games with eyes relaxed and comfortable.

Moreover, flicker-free technology keeps your eyes relaxed from irritation and tiring so that a gamer or user can focus for longer.

  • Good Refresh rate

  • Eye Saving mode

  • Various picture modes

  • High Contrast Ratio

  • AMD FreeSync

  • Fixed Stand (No Up & Down adjust)

  • No USB hub

144hz monitor under 100

5.       VIOTEK GFV22CB Ultra-Compact 144Hz Gaming Monitor

144hz monitor under 100VioTeK gaming monitors come in a variety of screen sizes from 22 inches to 32 inches. However, all have some similar features like a 144Hz refresh rate. However, here we are going to review the 22 to 27-inch monitors.

Like other monitor manufactures, VIOTEK has also manufactured different gaming monitors. This VIOTEK monitor has a 144Hz refresh rate with 1920 x 1080p resolution. It has a very blazing refresh rate that optimizes the display and improves image quality especially while playing games or watching action movies.

It is an ultra HD compact monitor with less space covering. It provides 3 years of buyer protection which is very unique and different service ever provided by monitor manufacturers.

VioTek with 144Hz provides fast response time @ 5ms with the collaboration of AMD FreeSync and G-Sync to enhance images/display quality. It has 92% sRGB with FPS and RTS picture mode and a ratio of 16:9.

With such features, image/display lagging and ghosting is reduced.

Blue light shift, eye save mode or low blue light option in an addition to such monitors for gamers. Eyesight or eye irritation issues or no more with Viotek monitors. We tested this feature, particularly which was good for such a low range/price monitor.

It actually blocks all those harmful light waves that don’t affect the display or image quality.

Overall, the viotek has provided all basic and some advance feature in this monitor for normal users at affordable prices. Even space-saving symbolizes these monitors as Space Saver gadgets.

  • AMD FreeSync & G-Sync

  • Smooth 144Hz refresh rate

  • FPS RTS mode

  • Blue Light Saver

  • 3 years of buyer protection

  • Space saver

  • Non-adjustable stand

  • Normal sound quality

144hz monitor under 100

Well, these were the reviews of 144Hz monitor those are under $100 to $300. However, we have reviewed different monitors that would be the best fit for you.

As the final words of our review, we found Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor the best fit for our requirements. However, it depends upon your budget to have any of the above monitors. Please let us know which one of those you have or you have ever purchase. We would love to hear from you.