best smartwatch for biking

Best Smartwatch For Biking and Cycling

The smartwatch industry is growing very fast and rapidly. With the advancement of technology and features in smartwatches, everyone has an inclination towards smartwatches. The best smartwatch for biking means it should be the best fit in all features related to biking and cycling.

As previously, most of the bikers used a handlebar-mounted bike computer screen and had to look again and again to the screen. However, it can still be beneficial stuff for tracking your rides as it as a big clear screen that displays the map and shows your ride data. But, it had also lacked advanced features where smartwatches have really filled up this industry with new functionalities.

Multifunctional smartwatches have their own different uses which can be named as all in one smartwatch. If you are an athlete or biker or swimmer, smartwatches have all functionalities in. A smartwatch can track your running, cycling, swimming data within one environment and you needn’t worry and bother to have separate devices for each of your exercises.

If riders only need to trace out their riding distance so in that case, handlebar-mounted bike computer screen and a simple smartwatch, both of them work perfectly. But, if a bike rider wants to have all his daily data to be tracked and saved with him/her like sleeping recovery, steps count and other daily activities so the advanced smartwatch is best.

How do we choose the best smartwatches?

In this buying guide of best smartwatches for biking, we along with our team had researched and contacted different companies to have the best smart stuff for you within the niche of various functionalities. This guide will elaborate key features of different smartwatches so that you may be able to select one from them.

We also let you know what features must be in a biking/cycling smartwatch. First of all, it must have a cycling mode which is the most important and basic requirement for biking smartwatch. Next, we have to see the battery life that can handle GPS load. In addition, music compatibility, power meter, and directions turn by turn.

It may also be in your mind that all smartwatches may not have all these functionalities but, we have tried our level best to come up with good ones. As all riders may not be able to afford these expensive smartwatches so we have also put some affordable smartwatches for everyone.
So, let us check out the best smartwatch for biking.

1. Fibit Surge 

2. Polar M430 GPS Watch 

3. Garmin Forerunner 235, GPS Running Watch 

4. Apple Watch Series 4 

5. Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Smart Watch 

1. Fibit Surge

best smartwatch for bikingThis smartwatch of Fibit Surge is beautifully designed for small and big hands both. If you want to train yourself and get fit through tracking your biking rides and fitness exercise, this watch provides you with the features of GPS tracking, activities of your all-day (steps tracking, distance tracking, calories, climbing number of floors and active minutes / hours), your heart rate with purePulse and multi-sport smart tracking.

A multi-sport smartwatch can track your steps. It also records distance, stationary time, all day hourly activities, floors climbed and calories that were burned.

As per health activity, it provides heart rate with PurePulse in different modes like simplified heart rate zones, continuous and automatic heart rates. Including this functionality, you needn’t to worry about low and high heart rate control.

The Fibit surge comprises of alarm and auto sleep functionalities as well. Sleeping timings are easily controllable and adjustable via this smartwatch with silent alarming features. If you wish to plan and make a routine of sleeping at a specific time, it ensures this activity.

Besides all these functions, this smartwatch, unlike others, includes notifications on display where you can see all calls and text through notifications signal. You can also have control over your music playlist that is being played through your mobile.

In addition, this smartwatch has also the functionality of wireless syncing that automatically controls and records stats wirelessly to smartphones and computers.

Meanwhile, all functions of this Fibit surge smartwatch are of great value. It has also good battery life where the manufacturer of this smartwatch claims a long battery life. Normal timing for the battery is up to 7 days while it lasts up to 10 hours with GPS. The battery life also depends on the different settings of the smartwatch and functions being used so the results regarding battery life may vary.

  • Long battery life
  • Good tracking system
  • Wireless synched app
  • Helpful setting showing stats of progress
  • SMS and calls Notifications
  • Fit for biking
  • Heart Rate drops while high-intensity workouts
  • Counts faulty steps sometimes

best smartwatch for biking

In sum, this smartwatch is a good combination of different systems if you can adjust with faulty step trackings and HR rate while working out with intense exercises. But, for biking it would be best amongst other best watches.

2. Polar M430 GPS Watch 

best smartwatch for bikingPolar M430 smartwatch for biking is amongst those best smartwatches which have various functionalities to meet the requirements for bikers and even for common sportsmen.

Polar M430 is the latest version of M400 which includes new functions and features along with all those features of M400. It may not be wrong to say that it is the latest version of M400. M400 lacked some advanced functions which are met now in M430.

Polar M430 has heart rate and fitness tracker widely used for athletes and common men. Moreover, it has also improved its strip to be the best fit on the wrist with holes on it that makes it breathable and stick on wrist comfortably.

It has improved its quality of tracking through advanced techniques in GPS and added an optical heart rate sensor for health activity. Like other smartwatches, it has also included a tracking system for your sleep hours.

It has also features of route tracking and distance measurements including speed. While setting your goal and reach to that, it can also track your health-related activities to count your calories, daily activity, and other helpful guidance.

This Polar M430 has also a design of sports watches and it is waterproof. In addition, the M430 features a conversion of backlight where a user can convert and change the light/display from day mode to night mode for clearer vision and display.

Notification of SMS and calls and other inactive timings can be felt through vibration alerts. Vibration makes it more convenient for the user to be active and alert all day.

The battery of this smartwatch is also very good to provide you 8 to 13 hours of backup while functioning with GPS.

  • Cheaper in price
  • Water proof
  • Sleek design
  • Good battery backup
  • Good health activity tracker
  • Works best for biking
  • Sync errors sometimes
  • Customer support is medium

best smartwatch for biking

3. Garmin Forerunner 235, GPS Running Watch 

best smartwatch for bikingGarmin forerunner 235 is a sporty smartwatch that ensures different features for users. It is included in the list of best smartwatch for biking lists as it includes GPS tracking, distance tracking, time, pace and many other features.

It includes 4 sports modes with Run, Run indoor, Cycle and other modes as well.

Forerunner 234 of Garmin is stylish in design with a wrist-based heart rate and GPS. Heart rate functionality provides maximum accuracy and GPS certifies right directions and tracking for bikers.

It has also daily activity tracking and stats. It can count steps moved forward and track those to day by day stats. In addition, you needn’t worry about the calories you take and how much calories you have taken for a specific time. Distance tracking and sleeping hours provide it more value and satisfy the users with these functions.

While connecting it through the smart app and to your smartphone, it automatically uploads to Garmin Connect and provides you with the live tracking system. Audio/music prompts can be handled over this smartwatch.

Notifications for your calls and SMS and social sharings can easily be controlled and displayed over the screen of this forerunner 235.

This watch with smart technology can provide you with advanced GPS and GLONASS satellites in order to provide precise and accurate location making you aware either you are running in woods or beside tall buildings.

The periodical reminders of smartwatch motivate you to stand up and start your biking rides or running, wherewith built-in accelerometer distance and pace of your activity is tracked and this data is saved.

The battery life of this smartwatch is about 6 hours to 20 hours with GPS. However, the battery life depends on the usage and display. So, this may vary in different conditions.

However, the Garmin smartwatch is an older version, but still, most of the customers/bikers/ sportsmen like to have it in their smart stuff. Usually, due to the lack of some advanced features, people hesitate to have it. Overall, this is a good smartwatch to be in your hands.

  • GPS and GLONASS Tech
  • Various Connect options via Garmin Connect Network
  • 4 Sports modes(Run, Run indoor, Cycle and Other)
  • Old design
  • Lacks some features like backlight etc.

best smartwatch for biking

4. Apple Watch Series 4 

best smartwatch for bikingApple Watch Series 4 is an advanced and new technology-based smartwatch that provides a vast area of functions. It is a GPS watch and also a cellular phone that can manage to answer calls and do all cellular activities.

It comes with a unique design in the Aluminum case with a 30% larger display. The large display makes it easier for the user to navigate around this smartwatch. The display provides clearer and larger stats for bikers to track their activities and locations.

It has an electrical and sensor-based heart rate tracking system that facilitates the users to get HR states on a smartwatch. Apple smartwatch Series 4 HR is what some people call it ECG on your wrist. It notifies on display with a low and higher heart rate. It may also be in your mind that it doesn’t detect any type of heart failure or heart attack.

Another feature that Apple smartwatch series 4 includes is the fall detection and SOS for help. As accidentally a runner or bikers fall down, the detection system activates and pops up with the SOS help/emergency call screen in order to assure your safety. This feature makes it more useful for bikers in case of emergency and accidents.

It also enables comparison and goal achievement stats to motivate you to complete your tasks and compete with your friends. It comprises of features like Yoga and hiking workouts as well. Bikers and runners are provided to record their Tempo and rhythm on a daily basis as well.

It facilitates the runners and bikers and every sportsman to share their stats and activities with each other in order to compete with one another. Daily activities, monthly goals, and weekly challenges are other additional features that motivate the users.

It has the resistance to water if dropped and kept as deep as 50 meters. It may not be wrong to say that it is waterproof and can be used for water sports like swimming and others.

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It has a dual-core processor with WatchOS 5 to perform such tasks with speed and accuracy. It has a 50% louder speaker in order to have clear and strong sound notifications and call answering functions.

The battery life of this smartwatch is about 18 to 20 hours which is I think a very good battery life with such advanced applications. So, I don’t think Apple has compromised on the battery life which is great.

  • GPS and Cellular smartwatch
  • Decent battery backup
  • Fast OS and Processor
  • Bikers/Runners fall detection sensor
  • SOS call function
  • Larger Screen display
  • Advance Accelerometer for accurate Pace and tempo
  • Expensive than a normal smartwatch

best smartwatch for biking

5. Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Smart Watch 

best smartwatch for bikingThe smartwatch for biking would be incomplete if we had not listed this Garmin Vivoactive HR smartwatch. The stylish and slim design with a beautiful high-resolution screen makes it exceptional. Biking and running applications are the ones this smartwatch inherits. But, besides these functions, it has a multitude of various fitness applications features as well.

Unlike other listed smartwatches, it has also a Heart rate monitoring system that ensures the accuracy of Heartbeats counts. The smartwatch fits with the wrist and assists users to be informed and provided with the data on display. However, it doesn’t provide the heart rate while you swim.

Its display is colorful and bright that data on the screen can easily be seen while you are biking or running. The smart apps can be added through connect IQ online store.

It has also a function of displaying smart notifications that comes via your smartphone that is connected with it. Sms, calls and other notifications display on the screen to make it easier for you to navigate through.

This smartwatch-like others, has built-in apps that can track running, riding, biking, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, paddle boarding and other sports with GPS enabled function.

The battery life of this smartwatch is extensively very good. The manufacturer of this smartwatch offers about 8 days of battery life in watch mode and 13 to 15 hours with GPS mode which is good timing to record your stats.

  • Slim Screen and design
  • Multisport functions
  • Good battery life
  • Smart HR monitoring System
  • Water-resistant
  • Swimming features sucks

best smartwatch for biking

In the end, I would say and recommend that if you have enough budget and want once for all time the best smartwatch, so just give a try to Apple Smartwatch Series 4 or 5 which I am using currently for my daily activities. It is working fine for me. However, other all 4 smartwatches are the ones that can also be used for the purpose of biking. Every product has its merits and demerits but, I have found these 5 smartwatches best for bikers.

Well, it was all from the list of best smartwatch for biking. I hope, you have enjoyed it and would love to have one from these 5 for your sports. Let us know your experiences by commenting and contacting us through our social media platforms.

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