MSI Optix AG32C reviews

MSI Optix AG32C Reviews

If you love gaming and graphics work, we have MSI Optix AG32C Reviews for you. Only gaming and Graphics? Not really, you can use it for different purposes with available settings and functions.

MSI Optix AG32C is a curved monitor of 32” inch which provides a great display. We got it from amazon so that we could review it for our readers. It was nicely packed and received within time. We wanted to check out the results of this curved monitor for users like gamers, graphics designers, programmers, software engineers, doctors or even for normal users.

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Before we dig deeper into the usage of this Led Monitor, let’s see the specifications and features of this monitor and later on we are going to discuss its pros and cons and FAQs as well. You would love to get a clear idea about this monitor which will be an unbiased review of MSI Optix AG32C.

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This led curved monitor of MSI is Full High Definition HD monitor with 1920 x 1080 resolution with LCD panel LED backlight. High resolution provides maximum quality results to display.

Design and Size

The MSI AG32C is designed and built with a 31.5 inch curved VA display where it provides the best and smooth display to the users as we compare to small sizes like 24 to 27-inch monitors. It has 72% – 36% real estate providing more space for gamers to play and more wide area of viewing/display for graphics designers and normal computer users to work.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of this Led curved monitor is 165Hz which is a good display without after image. The refresh rate provides or functions in conversion of each pixel at a specific time or speed so that image distortion or blurring is avoided. The more refresh rate the clearer image or greater display.

MSI Optix AG32c reviews

This monitor with the refresh rate of 165Hz enhances the games quality and experience when gamers play games especially shooting games to shoot the person, fighting games to fight and take action as early as the enemy or opponents moves, racing games to overtake and win the opponents before his fast moves and some other games like real-time strategy games and sports like football, etc.

The higher refresh rate provides a gamer to experience and act fast without losing your lifeline. It is all possible through fast refresh rate otherwise with sticky and hanged images your opponent will win you.

Response Time

The next thing which MSI claims about this monitor is the response time. The response time of this led curved monitor is 1ms which is very good. It avoids screen tearing and changing frame rates while using.

This feature we reviewed while playing games and movies to see if there are any tearing and choppy frame rates observed. But, playing HD movies and games screen was working fine with a good display. It is very important to mention here that all these results were checked within the specified resolution of let monitor.

Curved Design

The curved design of the led monitor is 1800R curved panel design which is designed to keep the focus of the human eye without any iteration and that’s how the MSI ensures this curved monitor most suitable for the human eye.

The 1800R is a curvature rate of the curved display panel that is technically the most common and suitable design for using this led monitor with almost all basic and advanced applications from coding to gaming.

The main feature we have observed while using this curved monitor especially the curved design that is it keeps us focused as the angles of curved design don’t allow distraction. This design helped in gaming more as compared to using it with other features. As it helps with gameplay immersions that provides an environment of reality.

Curved Viewing Angle

The curved led monitor has a viewing angle of 178 degrees. This 32 inch led monitor has a wide viewing angle which is a great design for gamers. This wide degree angle of 178 minimizes the low color experience and enhances the viewing to stay concentrated. It has a ratio of 3000:1 contrast level which gets more beneficial for display.
MSI Optix AG32c reviews

Multi-Display Setup (Edge to Edge Connection)

Another benefit of the curved led monitor is that it can easily be connected from edge to edge if you want to use multiple displays. The curved design connects all display in such a way that gamers can enjoy their games in full display mode. The design of the bezel is so narrow that allows minimum space to be seen while connecting the monitors.

Curved displays provide more immersive gaming and displaying experience than flat displays where gamers can not enjoy immersive gaming and immersion breaks.

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While MSI Optix AG32C reviews, it has 85% NTSC true colors which are about 20 percent more gamut coverage as we compare to other normal monitors. It has 110% of SRGB true color and 85% of NTSC. It means the color coverage of this led monitor so realistic and smoothly refined that it provides the real essence of gaming and graphics work. The difference can be seen in the image below:

The most commons issue we have seen in normal monitors while reviewing and even experiencing, the flickering issue. Most of the normal or general monitors have this flickering issue. We have seen many led monitors that don’t focus on this issue which results in bad user experiences. However while reviewing the MSI Optix AG32C, we want to test it as well.


This led monitor of MSI Optix AG32C is designed with the feature of anti-flickering. The led monitor was tested via a game to see if we notice any flickering issue. A common monitor which has a flicker rate of 200 times per second, but this led monitor has reduced flickering.

We have also checked it via advanced cameras as the flickering can’t be noticed through the naked eye, so it had a very low and reduced level of flickering was seen which is way too low and fits best for usage.

Blue Light Control

Optix AG32C features all advanced functions with less blue light to avoid adverse effects on eyes. As blue light causes bad effects for human eyes and when devices like monitors and cell phones used for a long time. These are blue lights effects that result in eye tiredness.

However, you have also noticed that advanced android and smartphones even laptops have introduced a night mode option where the blue light is dimmed or decreased to minimum number of colors.

FPS Front Sight Toggle

One more option of MSI Optix AG32C is FPS Front Sight Toggle that allows gamers to keep the focus on aim. Most of the games that don’t have a crosshair option or very small crosshair so it gets that issue solved with big FPS front sight toggle.

Pre-Loaded Visual Modes

While playing games and working through your graphics projects, it is sometimes very essential to have preloaded settings for visuals. The MSI being in the technology industry with demands of gaming and graphics has evaluated and brought it in this monitor.

This Gaming monitor has different visuals options for gaming named as MSI Gaming Desktop Integration. There are 7 various options available for visuals to choose from to get a better experience in games, graphics, media viewing like movies or even for general computing.

Screen Tearing

Screen tearing is one of another issue we have noticed in most of the monitors. So, it was time to check this monitor for screen tearing.
This led curved MSI Optix AG32C monitor has Adaptive Sync that works with the refresh rate of AMD GPU to sync monitor. The main purpose of the Adaptive Sync is to smooth the display and graphics avoiding screen tearing. The screen tearing or stuttering looks like as below:
MSI Optix AG32c reviews
It is very important to mention here that this feature of Adaptive-Sync can only work with the compatible AMD GPU. You can check out the more details regarding this feature here:
Compatible AMD GPU with Adaptive-Sync


These were the main functions for MSI Optix AG32C, now let’s see the product specifications.

Product Specifications:

PANEL SIZE 31.5″ (80cm)
VIEWING ANGLE 178° (H) / 178° (V)
DCR 100000000:1
NTSC / SRGB 85% / 110%
ACTIVE DISPLAY AREA (MM) 698.4(H) x 392.85(V)
PIXEL PITCH (H X V) 0.36375(H) x 0.36375(V)
VESA MOUNTING 100 x 100 mm
CONTROL Menu, Bri (-), Vol(+) Input/Enter, Power
POWER TYPE External Adaptor 12V 5A
POWER INPUT 100~240V, 50~60Hz
SIGNAL FREQUENCY 56 to 214.56KHz (H)
48 to 165Hz (V)
DIMENSION (W X H X D) 723 x 512 x 209 mm
WEIGHT (NW / GW) 6.63kg / 8.94kg
NOTE Display Port: 1920 x 1080 (Up to 165Hz)
HDMI: 1920 x 1080 (Up to 165Hz)
The color gamut follows the CIE 1976 testing standard.

  • Wide Angle Display
  • Higher Refresh Rate
  • Anti-Flickering Screen
  • Anti-Screen Tearing
  • Less Blue Light
  • HD display
  • Good finishing design for gamers
  • 1920 x 1080 Resolution seems to be less for such led size
  • Single HDMI Port
  • Adaptive Sync only works with Compatible AMD GPU

Bottom Line:
At the end of MSI Optix AG32C reviews, we have come to the result that it is one of the best led curved monitors with different options available for gamers and even for a normal user. If you love gaming and graphics work you can opt for this led monitor. A user that is looking to build a multi-display setup for gaming or graphics/video editing desk, would be one of the best available options to connect at least 3 Optix AG32C monitors side by side and edge to edge.
Our experience with this Led Monitor is still going great and we are using it for our different tasks. We’d love to hear from you that how is your experience of using this led monitor. Maybe we have missed any point while reviewing or any of our users have confronted with any issues that we would love to add to our review and update our this post.

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Well, after reviewing all these features and functions of the MSI Optix AG32C, we have also noticed that most of the users have some questions in mind while looking to have this monitor displayed on their desks. So, let’s begin with those Frequently Asked Questions.

. Is this Monitor Only for the Gamers?

Looking to the design and features, Yes it is designed for gamers as MSI is one of the world’s leading gaming brands that manufactures most of its products for the gaming industry.
But, This monitor isn’t only for gamers.

. Is MSI Optix AG32C for Graphics works only?

Optix AG32C is not only for games or graphics applications, however, the features of this led monitors are best for gamers and graphics designing related work.

. Can it be used for general Computing?

Yes, it can be used for general computing as it has different visual modes that allow the user to set as per their requirement.

. Can it be used for Coding?

This led monitor curvature design provides the best experience for coding as well where you have full focus on each of the pixels and area of coding.

Well, these were mostly asked questions which are very simple and normal to answer. Most of the users who are not techy have doubts in minds so now they are clear to those questions. However, if you have any questions you can ask us, we will be glad to answer those.

Disclaimer: All Images are the copy rights of MSI, Credit goes to MSI.COM, image