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My Personal HP 260 G2 Mini Desktop Review

HP 260 G2 Mini Desktop Review

Well, recently I have researched and reviewed HP Prodesk 405 G4 Desktop Mini PC, where most of the users have liked and shared my personal experience and review.

So, today we have another HP 260 G2 Mini Desktop to review. I am a tech lover and love to experience various gadgets. I love reviews and getting my hands on the products to have a genuine and honest review for my users.

I bought HP 260 G2 Mini Desktop PC for reviewing and experiencing its features. This small and mini desktop PC is very beautifully designed and manufactured for those who love tiny stuff and gadgets.

Let’s begin with the core features and outer design of the HP 260 G2 Mini Desktop.

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Specs and Configuration

While opting for a mini and small PC, the performance and speed of tasks aren’t compromised.


Keeping that in mind, this mini Desktop PC has the Intel Core i5  6th Generation Processor with a turbo speed frequency of 2.3 GHz up to 2.8 GHz. 3MB of cache with 2 cores is also a good addition.

I noticed that the cache and 2 cores of the processor are not up to my task’s compatibility. However, it can be even better for most of you.

Graphics / RAM

Intel HD Graphics and DDR4 memory are installed which supports up to 32 GB and that’s a great feature. The only drawback is the number of slots for memory which is 2. But, normally the mini PC does have only 2 slots for memory installation.


 Hard drive storage is added up to 500 GB of SATA having 5400 RPM. It also supports more than 1TB of Hard Drive. I have connected my 2TB of Hard Drive Seagate which worked fine. I use SSD drives for my all PC and laptop.

Operating System

HP 260 G2 mini desktop pc comes with the pre-installed operating system of Windows 10 Pro 64 having support for other versions of the window as well.

USB Ports

Besides these, It has USB 3.0 2 ports at front and 2 of them at the back side. There are also 2 more USB 2.0 ports which makes a total of 6 USB ports. The reason behind too many ports is very simple that is to provide ease of access and facility to connect your devices without any trouble.

I have tested my flash drives 3.0 of Adata at the front and backports along with external portable SSD Drive which worked fine.

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Display Ports

HDMI and VGA ports provide multi-display options as well. You can opt for either one of them. First, I have attached my Curved Gaming monitor with the HDMI port of this PC and the display was very good.  

You can connect multiple displays with it either with HDMI or VGA. I personally tested both of them and the results were good.

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The design of the HP 260 G2 is very simple and nice. It has air vents from the front for cooling the PC. The front display has USB ports and audio ports at the bottom or side it has the power button. One cool thing I noticed in the design is the shape of the PC.

The shape is too simple and can easily adjust with my table at the side keeping my books on it. I even noticed that some books have the same size and thickness as this PC.

It’s Dimensions are (W x H x D) 6.9 x 1.3 x 7 in inches and 175 x 34 x 177 in mm.

So, it adopts the atmosphere of my table and I even don’t feel if a PC functions below the books.

I think the design of the PC is good for businesses as well and for personal use too. However, it isn’t only the design that counts for making it a better PC.


I personally weighed this PC with one of my weight machines to see if we have the exact weight as per manufacturer states.

The manual of HP 260 G2 mini Desktops enlists the weight of about 2.3lb which is around 1.04Kg. And my weight machine was also close to that. In terms of weight, this PC is lighter than HP Prodesk 405 G4.

I hold it up and carried it around my working space to see how easy is to carry. So, I think it’s not that heavy and could easily be carried out as compared to bulky enormous Desktop PCs.

My Reviews:

HP 260 G2 Mini Desktop Review for Normal Usage

I used this mini Desktop for hours to do my routine tasks like emailing, web surfing, outreaching, and online researching. It worked fabulously and enticed me to continue. If you are going to have it for normal usage then it won’t be a bad choice.

HP 260 G2 Mini Desktop Review for Office Work

Well, again if your official tasks are checking emails, outreaching, and letter typing, etc. then I don’t think so it won’t work. It will definitely work for you and even it will consume less space on your desk allowing you to get more space.

However, if at offices, graphics and other heavy software databases are used which need more heavy and highly equipped machines then it will not be a good choice.

HP 260 G2 Mini Desktop Review for Gaming

HP 260 G2 can run some small games as the graphics card of this PC is integrated and built-in where you don’t have too many options for gaming.

I played some small games and some moderated games on this PC but, could not get the real feel of the gaming. I suggest not buying this PC for gaming.

My Verdict

I really enjoyed reviewing the mini desktop PC of HP 260 G2. As I said earlier it is good for a normal user to work with this PC and for the one who needs to save some space on the desk. It will be a good choice for those. However, a person like me the game lover and Youtuber, will definitely not go for such a Desktop mini PC because games and video editing need some more powerful hardware which this HP 260 G2 Mini Desktop PC lacks.

I hope you have enjoyed this short and comprehensive review of HP 260 G2. Please comment below and let me know if you have any other questions in this regard.