best powered usb hubs for multiple external hard drives

5 Best Powered USB Hub for Multiple External Hard Drives

I always had issues connecting my multiple external hard drives through a USB hub to a desktop or laptop. It would stop working if I transferred some files or accessed data from multiple external hard drives.

The USB hub I used for my external hard drive was a non-powered USB Hub which works fine with limited devices on it. However, connecting multiple external hard drives and USB devices would confront various issues.

More often when I wanted to connect all my external hard drives and data storage devices at the same time, it would detect one drive and let others undetected. So, my working speed and routine tasks were affected badly.

Even though it had several port options like 7 ports, all were in vain. Those ports work with small storage devices and mobile phones for charging. My heavy-duty external hard drives needed a well-equipped and durable sturdy USB hub to be connected at the same time functioning with all devices like storage devices, printers, etc.

I wondered why like me, there are other users as well who are facing these types of issues on regular basis so why not find a better solution for such issues?

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I began my research and went through different options like connecting these external hard drives to docking stations, within one CPU, and other USB Hubs to come up with a solid and better solution. While researching and practical observations, I found that non-powered USB hubs are not a good option for connecting multiple external hard drives.

So, I came to the point that powered USB Hubs are the best option for multiple external hard drive connectivity. I found many good even the best-powered USB hubs for connecting multiple external drives and USB devices.

Well, based on my personal research and practical observations, I have come to the following list of 5 Best Powered USB Hubs for multiple external hard drives.

5 Best Powered USB Hubs for Multiple External Hard Drives

1. Anker Powered USB Hub

2. ACASIS Powered USB Hub

3. Latorice Powered USB Hub

4. Sabrent Powered USB Hub

5. APANAGE Powered USB Hub Splitter

Anker Powered USB Hub

One of the best-powered USB hubs for multiple external hard drives has 10 USB ports 3.0 where 7 of which are used for data transmission and connecting multiple external devices simultaneously.

7 ports of 3.0 USB are ultra-fast where you can get a speed of 5Gbps of data transmission on all ports equally.

The other 3 ports are used for smart charging where you can easily charge your android phones, tabs, apple phone, and other devices easily. These ports are built with the latest charging technology of PowerIQ which provides 2.1amps per port to maintain optimum voltage in each port.

Non-charging ports may not be used for charging as those are specifically designed for data transfer and external device connections only.

These all ports are provided with maximum stable voltage through the external adapter of 12V / 5A.

The powered USB Hub of Anker comes with built-in surge protection for Hub and devices. This feature provides user satisfaction to use the hub for valuable devices.

The powered USB Hub of Anker is compatible with all Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. In addition, the manufacturer provides the 1.5 Years of warranty with the best customer support as well.

Note: The Hub may not support all 2.4 GHz Wireless devices, and MIDI devices. If you are going to get it for that purpose, please check it.

ACASIS Powered USB Hub

The Powered USB Hub of ACASIS is the next in the list of the best-powered USB Hub for multiple hard drives. It has 16 3.0 ports of USB with individual power switches. All 16 USB ports are used both for charging devices and data transfer as well.

The power adapter of 12V / 7.5A  provides equal maximum voltage to all ports ensuring stable data transfer and charging for devices. Each port gets an optimum voltage of 5V / 2.4A for charging devices.

Multiple external hard drives can easily be connected to avail steady and stable data transfer/access. The data transmission speed of each port is 5Gbps where you can connect your external devices without getting delayed.

One of the best features of this Powered USB Hub is the individual power on/off switch with an indicator LED light. These switches provide great flexibility while using multiple external hard drives. You can easily switch on and off specific devices to avoid power loss to other ports. You can also be safe from pulling in / out the USB cables of devices again and again.

Individual switch with bright led light makes it easier for you to determine the connected devices to your computer. These switches make the powered USB Hub more durable and trustworthy for users.

This powered USB hub is also compatible with all Operating systems. It is a plug-and-play hub.

Here you can also get a warranty of 1.5 years from the manufacturer.

Note: Avoid the overloading on Hub. Try to connect the multiple devices that occupy 7.5A in total. Otherwise, you may face low performance.

Latorice Powered USB Hub

Latorice powered USB Hub comes with 13 multiple ports of 3.0 where 3 ports are designed specifically for smart charging devices. Charging ports come with 2IQ for quick charging and consuming 2.4A for each port.

The remaining 10 ports support 3.0 data transmission with a speed of 5Gbps. Multiple external hard drives can easily be connected to these ports without any hassle.

You can also connect other devices like keyboards, mouse, joysticks, game controllers, Microphones, speakers, printers, scanners, and many more. The powered USB hub comes with two USB types cords; one is type A and the other is type C.

The powered USB hub of Latorice is designed and manufactured beautifully with aluminum holes in the case. These holes provide ventilation for the hub so that the ports may remain cool and avoid heating.

This USB Hub also supports all operating systems and is a plug-and-play device. The only thing you need to do is connect it to the computer and its external power adapter to avail of all features.

Sabrent Powered USB Hub

The 10 ports Powered USB Hub Splitter of Sabrent is also one of the best powered USB Hubs for multiple hard drives.

This USB splitter comes with 10 ports of USB connection where 7 of those ports are designed for data and the remaining 3 ports are designed for smart charging.

7 ports of the Sabrent Powered USB Hub ensure the fast data transmission speed of 5Gbps between devices and computers or laptops. Multiple external hard drives can be connected with these ports and data transmission and accession is flexible.

3 ports of the powered USB hub come up with smart and fast charging technology for android phones, apple phones, tabs, and other charging devices. These ports get auto-optimized current in each port with 2.4amps per port so that all connected devices charge equally.

The powered USB Hub of Sabrent has also an intelligent design with separate individual switches. Each switch with the power button has a blue LED light indicator. The switch makes it easy for a user to know whether the device is connected or not and it also makes it easier for the user to avoid pulling the data cables of external hard drives again and again.

This USB splitter is also compatible with all USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices. It also supports all operating systems and is a plug-and-play hub.

The manufacturer has introduced a great warranty for 2 years. After purchasing the product you need to register online within 90 days to avail of this opportunity of 2 years warranty. However, if you don’t register online, you can still get 1 Year warranty.

APANAGE Powered USB Hub Splitter

APANAGE Powered USB Hub Splitter is our final best-powered USB hub for multiple external hard drives.

This USB Hub splitter of APANAGE comes with 11 ports USB connections where 7 of which are used for data purposes and 4 of them are used for charging purposes.

7 ports with 3.0 high data transfer support 5Gbps and 480Mbps of speed for data transfer with USB 2.0 devices. Multiple external hard drives can easily be connected with this hub either you have 2.0 compatible external hard drives or 3.0.  This USB hub is compatible with 2.0 as well.

The 4 remaining ports are used for the smart charging of all devices. Each port gets 2.4A in order to maintain the stable charging frequency in all ports. The 48W external power adapter of APANAGE provides maximum and suitable charging voltage to each port.

Like other powered USB hubs, this has also individual switches which again provide flexibility and durability. These switches have LED indicators to display the current position of devices that are connected or not.

These switches also enhance the performance of the users where users can switch between devices easily. Whether these devices are multiple external hard drives or game controllers or joysticks etc.

The APANAGE USB Hub Splitter supports all operating systems and is a plug-and-play device. You only have to take care of the external power adapter to connect it. The rest of the task hub will do for you.

Why Powered USB Hub?

Most of the time if you have a desktop PC that is kept on the table or in such a place where accessing the backside (motherboard) of the computer is very uncomfortable or plug in and out the devices again and again to the back of your PC makes it harder for users.

If you have a Laptop that has a limited number of USB ports and you have multiple devices to connect to it then you definitely need a USB Hub in all these cases.

USB Hub makes it easier for you to have all your devices connected easily in one place. But, why a powered USB Hub, not a non-powered USB Hub?

Well, Why Powered USB Hub; Powered USB Hub is the best choice due to the following reasons;

1. Connectivity

2. Speed

3. Compatibility

4. Durability


1. Connectivity

Due to the self-power system (through a power adaptor), each USB port is given equal and optimum power through an adapter which ensures the connectivity of the devices.

Connecting multiple devices to the Hub requires a certain amount of voltage and current to perform well. In this way, more external devices or multiple hard drives can be connected to the USB hub without losing connection and performance.

Whereas a non-powered USB hub gets power from a desktop or laptop PC and it can not retain the voltage and current in each port. The more devices connect to it, the lower connectivity and performance occur.

So, connectivity is the main reason to go for a powered USB hub for your devices to connect to your computer.

2. Speed

The second advantage of a powered USB hub is the speed. You may have noticed that while performing multiple tasks on your PC when you connect a USB drive or external hard drive, the process gets slow or hangs for a moment.

Because the power resources are used by your PC. In addition, I have also noticed the same issue while using a non-powered USB Hub. A powered USB hub provides maximum voltage to all ports equally without losing amperes. In this way, all devices connected to the powered USB hub, perform well and data transmission speed is not affected.

The speed of data transmission is highly affected at that time when you want to connect multiple data storage or external hard drives to the computer. The non-powered USB hub will definitely be dead and not work like a powered USB hub.

So, a powered USB hub ensures equal speed of data transmission to all ports which makes it a better choice than a non-powered USB hub.

3. Compatibility

Powered USB hubs are compatible with almost all devices. They can easily support all heavy-duty components including your external hard drives and other peripherals. These powered USB hubs are all compatible with all operating systems and devices that support USB.

Non-powered USB hubs are not compatible with all devices. These can connect only small components like USB drives etc.

4. Durability

Powered USB hubs are durable and last long. The reason is the manufacturing design and features. Most of the Powered USB hubs come with an aluminum case which makes them more durable. In addition, the ventilation system avoids overheating the USB hub as well.

The individual switch allows user to use their specific devices at a time without pulling in / out the data cables. In such a way, the ports last long and make it easier for the user end to control each unit.

Non-powered USB hubs are not durable and may not last long for users.

External Hard Drive USB Hubs

External Hard Drive USB Hubs are a great addition to technology appliances. External hard drive USB hubs with power functionality can perform and work better than nonpowered external hard drive USB hubs. 

External hard drive USB hubs can be used for external hard drives as well as other devices like flash drives, memory card readers, USB cable chargers, etc.  

I hope you have now a clear idea about the Powered USB hub and I am sure you have selected your powered USB hub from the list of 5 Best powered USB hub for your multiple external hard drives. Let me know about your Powered USB hub and how many of the external hard drives you have connected to that Hub.