Are Curved Monitors Better for Your Eyes

Are Curved Monitors Better for Your Eyes?

Are curved monitors better for your eyes?


The curved monitors are better for the eyes as compare to the flat monitors. They have reduced eye strain, eye pain, irritation, and visual fatigue vs flat monitors. The curved monitors are designed in such a way that allows users to focus on the screen and have a complete immersive visualization experience.

According to various researches where the eye specialist have observed the results and comparisons of the curved and flat monitors. And they have come up with outstanding results.

Mr. Hoeng Jin Lee and Seong Joon Kim did a research and came up with the results that ;

The NPA ( Near Point of Accommodation) was increased after the visual tasks with flat monitors as compared to curved monitors. They have come up with the conclusion and result that flat monitors cause more visual fatigue and eye strain than curved monitors. Their statistics and experiments show a great difference as shown in the graph below:

Are curved monitors better for your eyes

Courtesy to :……. NCBI

You can check and see that the curved monitors have also increased the NPA but they are much less than the flat monitors. It’s as if the users of curved monitors don’t confront eye strain, pain, and irritation but the ratio of such visual fatigue is less than the flat one, and it is dependent on the time you spend on looking at monitors.

So, the researchers have shown that curved monitors are better for the eyes and are less likely to increase eye strain, irritation, and blurred vision.

I have personally bought a curved led monitor of HP to experience the difference. The shape and design of the curved monitors are outstanding especially using them for the purpose of computing.  

I noticed and experienced that while working and looking at curved monitors where the center point of the screen is closer to our eyes and the same is with the edges of the curved monitors. The side edges are curved and closer which doesn’t allow image distortion.

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My personal experience has also made me clear that I have been more productive and active enough to complete my computing tasks faster and with great concentration. It is because the curved edges make me feel the 3d effects and more clearer visualization. In such a way, I really enjoy working on my computer. Even if I play games, the experience is outstanding.

Where flat-screen side edges are not closer to our visualization and we most of the time face image distortion. And in that scenario, we confront visual fatigue and eye strain. I have also noticed the time frame of working on curved vs flat screens where I love working more on a curved monitor rather than a flat monitor even I switch my laptop screen to a curved monitor.

The depth perception in curved monitors allows user to see an image or display much larger than the flat monitors. That makes it easier for the user to see an image or video even game display larger without straining eyes.

What is the best curvature for a monitor?

According to the research done by one of the most famous and well-known brands of monitors Samsung, it has researched to come up with the best curvature of a monitor at a normal viewing distance, they have formulated the following formula

(y x 914.4)  = degrees of curvature

(6.28332 x r)

With this formula, the average ratio for the various screen size of the curved monitor comes about 560.9 mm curvature at a standard of 600mm viewing distance.

In between 24 inches to 38 inches display monitor, at a distance of 2 feet from the curvature or center of the curved monitor, 3000R curved monitor is viewable. It means the radius of the curvature of that monitor should be 3 meters.


While keeping in view the various researches and my personal experience of using curved monitors, I really found it helpful and more comfortable than flat monitors. I even prefer using my laptop with my curved monitor by connecting HDMI cable to my laptop to project it on the curved led monitor. Because of this curved monitor, I have been relaxed and found a great change in my visual fatigue that was due to flat screens. I recommended all my friends and family members to switch from flat screens to curved ones and I also suggest you do the same. You will love it.

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