Best curved gaming monitor under $300

Top 3 Best Curved Gaming Monitor Under $300

Best Curved Gaming Monitor Under $300

Today’s world is advancing in technology and coming up with the latest formats in each field. Once we used to opt either for CRT monitors or LCD monitors. Now the new trend of curved monitors has made its place in the market.

Either if you want to play games or use the curved monitors for normal use, it is effective and more reliable. It doesn’t only provide you the best results for your gaming experience but it does also reduces visual fatigue.

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As gaming experience is concerned, it is common for gamers to play games for a longer time. Playing games on flat led monitors constantly do affect our eyes. Besides, the flat monitors have distortion and a more flickering ratio.

Whereas; curved monitors provide the best wide and immersive gaming experience. Side edges with curved angles enhance the experience of gaming where gamers enjoy playing games with the feel of reality.

Curved monitors are more beneficial in terms of focus. Gamers like me need such specs for hardware where the focus is most important to react and play your game with winning moves.

Our team personally tested various types of curved monitors within the budget of $300 and we have selected the following three 3 Best Curved Gaming Monitors under $300.

We tested different aspects of these monitors including all those which we have excluded from the list. The response time, refresh rate, anti-flickering, blue light filter, the curvature of the monitors and resolutions, etc.

So let’s check out the Best Curved Gaming monitors under $300.

Best Curved Gaming Monitor Under $300

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1. Sceptre Best Curved Gaming Monitor 27″ 

Sceptre Curved gaming Monitor has made it’s place in the Top 3 Best Curved Gaming Monitor under $300. This curved gaming monitor of Sceptre is an outstanding technology. We tested the 27″ of the Sceptre playing different games with high resolution and found it good. We played games on this curved led monitor for hours and didn’t get any distortion and flickering errors.

The 75Hz refresh rate is much better for such monitors. Playing racing games on this monitor or shooting games, the visuals were drastically transitioned without any delay or bug. And the response time of the image and pixel changing is 1ms which makes it faster and attractive.

Also, it has a curvature of 1800R which is best for the human field of vision. This curvature provides a full view of the games closer to our eyes from the center of the screen. And it is within the range of visibility.

Playing shooting games and action games, the focus on the screen and tiny movements were greatly noticeable which makes this monitor one of the best-curved gaming monitors.

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The other thing we tested about this curved gaming monitor was very important to be tested. We played games on this monitor while turning on the Blue Light Shift Mode of this monitor. It changed and filtered the blue light. The blue light shift mode made it easier for us to play games and work on this monitor without wearing our computer glasses.

In sum, this curved gaming monitor has all features that gamers need at this price. It can be tilted forward and backward from 5 degrees to -15 degrees. In addition, it has two ports one for VGA and one for HDMI. The corners are edgeless and good in design. However, we tried to connect multiple monitors to see the performance and edges to match with our other slim edgeless monitors. We were disappointed in this case. So, if you want to use multiple monitors with this curved gaming monitor, we suggest you not expect more from this monitor.

2. AOC C32G2 32” Best Curved Gaming Monitor 

AOC 32” curved monitor has stylish and designed for gaming. it costs a bit higher than $300 but we have included it in the list due to the best experience of gaming on this curved gaming monitor. And the AOC C32G2 has also made its place in the top 3 results of the Best Curved Gaming Monitor Under $300. 

Like Sceptre, we tested it and played games of various types on this curved monitor as well. We noticed the best results from this monitor as well.

165Hz refresh rate with Full High Definition 1080p resolution, we loved it to test. The images and visuals’ fast response was great. 1ms response time of visuals throughout gaming was outstanding. Such a great refresh rate for the monitors didn’t allow any image or visual to stutter and blur.

 To check its response time, our team tested it with action games to see if transitions or fast enough and no distortion and flickering occurs. Obviously, this monitor has passed this test as well. And made its place in the list of the 3 best curved gaming monitors.

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The curvature of this monitor is a bit less than the first one. It has a curvature of 1500R which is still in the area of the human field of vision. The center point and edges of this monitor equally provide you the focus and an immersive experience. We noticed that the curvature of this monitor maybe because of the wide viewing area of the 32-inch display which would be economical for multiple monitor setup.

At last, to get the best result from this giant curved gaming monitor, you have to set up the settings as per your requirement of games.

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Thus, this curved gaming monitor is larger and wide. It has an LCD display with two ports of VGA and HDMI having 1-3 years of warranty. Blue light shift mode is termed as Low Blue Mode which was normal and the same technology. Flicker-free technology is also introduced in this monitor which allows gamers to play games for longer without eye tiredness.

Overall, this curved gaming monitor is also one of the Best Curved Gaming Monitor Under $300 which can be opted for your gaming desks to enhance and improve your gaming expertise.


3. ASUS TUF VG27VH1B Best Curved Gaming Monitor 27” 

This curved gaming monitor is specially designed for gaming. It was very interesting to test it with our team. As we were looking to have the best curved gaming monitor for our readers. The ASUS TUF curved gaming monitor made its place in the top 3.

27 Inch of this curved gaming monitor has amazing technology of Synchronization, refresh rate, response time, flickering settings, ELMB (Extreme Low Motion Blur), and with the curvature of 1500R having Full High Definition 1080p resolution.

165Hz refresh rate was tested by our team playing action games, racing games. We noticed that the transition and image/display conversion was fast. Playing games for hours on this monitor and similarly letting it on, the result of this curved gaming monitor was excellent. We didn’t notice and experience any delay image transition or bug even playing games for hours on it.

In addition, the fast response time of 1ms was also good to experience. We have played our moves actively and making it tough for our opponent to be ahead of our moves. So, the response time was a great experience as well.

ASUS TUF gaming monitor has introduced the ELMB technology with Adaptive-Sync which was working great in combination with 1ms response time. Playing fast games on this monitor was a good experience and we didn’t notice any Blurry image/display or even image tearing etc. The game display was sharp and clear.

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1500R curvature was also a good experience on this monitor. It was noticed that the display was under the focus of the eyes without disrupting. A wide-angle view of games on this display was good. Proper setting and adjustment of monitor angles, tilting, Swivel, and placement allowed us to experience its features of curvature and side edges very well.

In sum, this curved gaming monitor is very well designed and performed better than many other curved gaming monitors that were available in the market. We loved it testing and having fun playing games. The resolution of this monitor is the best. It is also suitable for normal computing and especially graphics designing. For any user that loves curved monitors and looking to have one for graphics designing, we suggest this would be the best for them.


As we have brought you these 3 Best Curved gaming monitor under $300 and we preferred the 1st one most as it has passed many tests. We hope that now you have got the idea for the best curved gaming monitor under $300 and their performance. Let us know about your selection that you have made for best curved gaming monitor and share your experience with us. We would love to hear from you. 


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