Why is My Laptop's Battery Draining So Fast

Why is My Laptop’s Battery Draining So Fast?

Why is my Laptop’s Battery Draining so fast?

Hate it when your laptop suddenly runs out of battery? If you’re looking to prolong your laptop’s battery life, it is important to understand the reasons why is my laptop’s battery draining so fast?
There are several reasons that affect the lifespan of laptop batteries. Some of them are from manufacturers and some of them are external factors as well.
In this article, we are going to figure out some main reasons that cause the draining of your laptop’s battery so fast and also some ways to help increase its overall efficiency and longevity. By using and following these steps to keep your laptop’s battery in tip-top shape, it will last longer than you thought possible!

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Why is my laptop’s battery draining so fast 5 Reasons

The followings are the main common reasons that cause draining the battery of your laptop so fast.

1. Battery

The first and main reason could be the battery issue itself. Most of the time the battery of your laptop drains so fast while changing the chargers etc. In such a case, it is the battery that is not able to keep up the required charge capacity. The cells of the batteries might have died which do not hold up the charge.

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2. Charger

The second reason could be the charger. If you are not using the proper original charger for your laptop, it is most probably causing that issue. The battery of your laptop doesn’t get the required charge/amperes and results in fast discharging.

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3. Charging to 100%

The 3rd reason is normally seen is that users don’t charge the battery up to 100% and it could drain according to the percentage of charge available.

4. Multiple Applications

Running multiple applications and opening several browser tabs simultaneously could cause the discharging of laptop batteries fast. As such applications continue using the process at the backend and consume charges according. This condition uses more processors and processes which results in overheating as well. You might have observed such conditions that the fan of the processor runs faster than normal.

5. Overheating

Overheating builds pressure on processors and fans, which results in consuming more power and charge to cool down the components of the laptop. Multiple applications running at the same time, and an atmosphere, where the user uses a laptop or laptop used under the sunlight or in a hot area, could cause overheating and drain the battery of the laptop fast.

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These were the 5 main reasons that cause draining the battery of a laptop fast. In addition, there could be more possible factors as well like keyboard backlit, running HD videos, and charging phones,  but, the above ones are the most common.
So, now you have come up with the reasons and factors involved in draining the laptop’s battery so fast. Let’s see the possible solutions for those factors.

How to Fix Bad Laptop Battery Health Issues

  • If you have an issue with your laptop battery where the cells don’t hold up the charge, the only solution to this factor is to replace the battery or cells.
  • You have to use the original and compatible charger which ensures the full amperes and charge as required by your laptop.
  • The next thing to do if you’re dealing with a laptop battery that won’t hold a charge is to make sure that it’s fully charged. Most laptops offer a little light or icon that tells you when your laptop has fully charged, and you should wait until it says 100% before unplugging.
  • If you still have bad laptop battery health after waiting, there are some steps you can take to fix it. It might seem like an obvious solution, but one of the easiest ways to get more life out of your laptop battery is by making sure that you aren’t taxing it too much in general. Make sure that you don’t leave apps running in the background while you’re not using them, and close down any programs or tabs that you aren’t actively using on your laptop. Your laptop will use less power when it isn’t running unnecessary processes, which will extend its overall battery life.
  • You should also try adjusting your laptop’s settings to reduce how often it goes into sleep mode. When your laptop goes into sleep mode, it uses up battery power even though you aren’t actively using it; turning off sleep mode could help prolong your laptop battery life considerably.
  • Finally, keep an eye on what kind of charger you are using for your laptop—if you notice that your charger isn’t working as well as it used to, consider buying a new one.
  • And lastly, just remember to avoid overheating the laptop, keep it cool while using it in a cool atmosphere (such as an air-conditioned room) whenever possible.

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Why do Laptop Batteries Drain Faster When You Travel?

Actually, the laptop’s batteries do not drain faster while traveling. It will drain or use the battery as usual. For example, if the battery of your laptop lasted for 5 hours normally, it will last 5 hours while traveling as well if you use it the same way you used it at your desk.
When you travel with your laptop, there are several factors that can cause your battery to drain faster than usual.

  • It only consumes more charge while connecting the phone and other peripherals to it.
  • The battery of your laptop can drain fast while watching movies/videos
  • The battery can drain faster if heavy software is run.
  • The battery of the laptop will use mover power if several software/applications are run simultaneously.
  • Most of the time, travelers just close the screen and put the laptop into the bag where it goes to sleep or sometimes it continues using the battery. This can drain the battery faster as well.
  • The battery of the laptop can get uncharged faster by overheating as well.
  • If you are traveling to an area where moisture and mist are more than average, it can cause carbon/rust to the terminals of batteries and other components where you may see unusual charging and discharging issues.
  • Solutions :
    Before you plan your next trip, consider these tips for protecting and extending your computer’s power.
  • If you don’t have access to an electrical outlet while traveling, carry an extra laptop battery with you.
  • If you have time before your flight or car ride, charge it up completely before leaving home
    if not, plug it in when possible during transit and continue charging as soon as possible once you reach your destination.
  • Remember to turn off your laptop when you aren’t using it to save energy.
  • Additionally, be sure to close all unnecessary programs and browser windows.
  • And lastly, keep your laptop cool by storing it in a cool place (such as an air-conditioned room) whenever possible—and never leave it in direct sunlight or on top of hot surfaces like radiators or heating vents.

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Can I Use Another Laptop Battery Instead?

If your laptop won’t charge or hold a charge for very long, you may be able to replace your laptop’s battery with a new one. When shopping for a replacement, look for batteries that fit snugly into your laptop.
You can also purchase a universal laptop charger, which will allow you to use any compatible laptop battery on your laptop. However, some laptops are made exclusively for certain types of batteries and chargers; if you have an older model computer, it might not be worth it to invest in new technology just yet.
If you do decide to buy a new laptop battery, make sure it fits snugly into your laptop before buying. Also, check that its voltage matches up with your original battery (if possible).
If you choose to buy a universal laptop charger instead, make sure that it has all of the correct adapters and cables needed for charging different laptops.
Before replacing your laptop battery, ask a knowledgeable salesperson about your specific model. He or she should be able to tell you whether there is enough room inside your laptop for another battery—and what type of new laptop battery would work best.
Remember: if you aren’t comfortable doing any sort of repairs yourself, take your laptop to a professional technician first and get his or her advice on how best to proceed. Replacing parts without knowing what you’re doing could result in more damage than good!


If you want to keep your laptop battery from draining so fast, think about getting a backup battery. Having another device with you will allow you to not rely on one source of power. Backup batteries are necessary for when your battery drains in a situation where charging is not available. Your laptop’s battery life and health depend on how long it takes to recharge. The longer your battery takes to charge, the less effective it is over time.