Are Keyboard Covers Worth It

Are Keyboard Covers Worth It? Pros and Cons

Are Keyboard Covers Worth It?

When we talk about the keyboard covers whether it is for desktop computers or laptops, most people even don’t bother to think about the covers for the keyboard.

However, opting for the keyboard cover may be a good choice for many of them specifically for laptop users. Investing in keyboard covers may also ensure and extend the reliability in long term.

So, are keyboard covers worth it? Do we need to buy the keyboard covers for our laptops or desktop pcs? Do keyboard covers have advantages or disadvantages and many more questions regarding keyboard covers.
Here we have come up with a full overview and a detailed guide regarding keyboard covers including the Pros and Cons of the keyboard covers as well.

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What Are Keyboard Covers?

Basically, keyboard covers are the protection cover that protects keyboards from damage. Either it is in liquid shape or in the form of dust and other materials. Even, while using the keyboard too much, the writing on the keys gets faded.
Keyboard covers are made from different materials like silicone and acrylic. And these covers come in different sizes as well. Because there are different types of keyboards and they have different sizes so it is also assumed that every keyboard may not have a specific cover for it.

This means that some of the manufacturers produce the keyboard covers for their products which are easily available. However, users having nontraditional keyboards may use custom keyboard covers.

Keyboard covers usually fit on top of a laptop’s keyboard and they prevent static, dust, and scratches from settling on the keys. They were originally designed for laptop computers, but have since been adapted for gaming keyboards and custom keyboards as well.

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Different Types of Keyboard Covers



Silicone keyboard covers are some of the most popular and best-selling coverings available today. They are very soft and flexible. Much like silicone wristwatches, these covers protect your keyboard by acting as a barrier between it and the outside world.

Silicone keyboard covers are made of silicone and can be found in a variety of sizes. They are available in medium or large sizes and have various designs to choose from. While they are thin, they can also be thick and rigid. These covers are also made to be water-resistant, unlike the over-the-keyboard keyboard cover that is mainly used for laptops.

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Why Do You Need Silicone Keyboard Protectors?

Are silicone keyboards good?

Several benefits that come with the silicone keyboards include the fact that they are waterproof, the keyboards are thicker and much more durable than those made of wood, rubber, and plastic keyboards, and they last longer. What still comes as the greatest challenge is that they can be more fragile than the standard keyboards, making spills and crashes on them somewhat more likely.

Silicone keyboard covers are inexpensive, easy to use, and convenient. They are also very flexible. They can be used for laptops, gaming keyboards, and custom keyboards. They are easy to clean and apply on the keyboard.

Silicone keyboard covers/protectors are mostly used with laptops, or they’re plastic and thin, with or without a silicone sheath. Silicone keyboard covers are usually inexpensive and typically included with laptops.

In addition, silicone keyboard covers are light and don’t bother anyone while carrying in the bag. Moreover, these covers can be folded and kept in the laptop bags as well. Being portable, these covers are widely used around the world.

Acrylic Keyboard Covers

Keyboard covers made of a white plastic called acrylic are rectangular; further, they are made to fully cover your keyboard. In theory, it is meant to appeal to the eyes, and a lot of artists and designers make it look like a stylized display. This cover is most likely meant to make the user’s laptop (keyboard) look more stylish and attractive.

This is the kind of keyboard cover that’s made especially for keyboards. It protects the top of the keyboard, and some owners use it as a keyboard bag. This type of keyboard cover normally costs between $10 US Dollars to $30 US Dollars, depending on its size. If the keyboard covering is a custom-made one, the price can be much higher.

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Benefits of Keyboard Covers


Keyboard protectors are arguably the most important accessory for custom keyboards. They prevent your keyboard from getting dirt or dust buildup. They also prevent liquid spills and splatters from damaging your keyboard. For laptop keyboard users, keyboard covers are a piece of cake. They can be placed over the keyboard without any issues. Furthermore, laptop keyboards do not have any keys or layers that can scratch.

Keyboard covers can be very beneficial for those users who have expensive keyboards, especially for gaming. gaming / mechanical keyboards even some latest laptops are so expensive that users can not replace those regularly. And, dust and liquid splits can be dangerous for those keyboards. To be safe from such loss, keyboard covers are the best option.

Protection from Dust and other Entities

The keyboard covers are used to protect the keyboard from the dust and other entities which slowly can lead to a dead keyboard or nonfunctioning keys.

Dust particles can never be stopped. However, the keyboard protectors can slow down the process. These protection covers allow the user to clean and even wash them regularly without hassle so that the keyboard cover, keyboard, and user stays clean and neat as always.

The benefits of cleaning your keyboard, your monitor, and your goggles are unimaginable; indeed, most people don’t do sensible cleanliness on them. If you work in a toxic environment or do long stints with your computer LCD, you likely don’t want to spend your time cleaning, because you have no way of knowing where.

You may be feared that you are not cleaning your hands that regularly. However, a simple itch can force you to scratch wildly without realizing that you might have transferred foreign objects collecting on your keyboard onto your face. To ensure that you are not spreading foreign objects onto your device, you may find your keyboard cover handy.

Protection from Liquid Spills and Splatters

People who try to multitask while they eat can leave leftover food following important meetings, classes, speeches, and networking. Vegetables, liquids, and food cuts can also get splattered around due to these activities. People who work in front of a clean desk just never get dishes and other dishes around them.

The tiny drops or splatters may cover up your keyboard perfectly, but a viscosity ingredient can be blamed for any flooding. It takes a small place to garner mayhem. A spill, leak, or splatter could be one thing, but the viscosity is also at fault.

Little keyboard cover bands protect you from those keyboard spills. Make sure to have these covers installed whenever you aren’t using the keyboard.

Is the keyboard cover bad for a laptop?

The keyboard cover can be bad for your laptop if touches the screen of the laptop regularly and leaves marks on it. Even some covers are sticky which might leave marks on the screen in long term.

So, as it is foreseeable that your keyboard cover will rest against your laptop’s screen, it is your job to ensure that it doesn’t introduce anything unsightly onto your screen. This will be very important because your screen is an important and expensive item, and you don’t want the marks to be permanently done to it.

In addition, some laptops have an air vent around the keyboard for smooth airflow. In that case, if you put a keyboard cover which may cause overheating in laptops.

Do keyboard covers cause overheating?

A computer keyboard cover is not likely to cause overheating. It helps to keep the keyboard from being sensitive to dust, direct water, or drink spills. Overheating is not concerned with computer systems or desktop PC, but it can be with laptops.

As said earlier, some of the laptops do have air vents around the keyboard of laptops. While placing such keyboard covers which might close those vents, can cause overheating.

But, nowadays the manufacturers of laptops have their keyboard covers, which don’t cause overheating in laptops while keeping all aspects of proper flow of air.

However, before purchasing such keyboard covers, you have to check that for your laptop and be safe from overheating issues.

How Does a Keyboard Cover Effect Typing?

Many people find typing with a keyboard cover annoying. Very few people currently use a keyboard cover, so little is known about how people react to typing with one. Moshi’s keyboard cover is made out of flexible rubber. Many people find the adult sizes too small for their hands, and the very young can’t reach the buttons. Memories USB keyboard covers may work for typing with the keyboard. Some people haven’t liked typing on a cover. Although, most people can adapt. The Moshi keyboard cover is the most widely-used keyboard cover.

Moshi Keyboard Cover: Thinner keyboard covers are much easier to get used to. Some people claim that even though they don’t look as they do at the store, they still don’t like them. Others say they love the key copy covers and to get used to them takes no more than a few days.

A noticeable difference in typing is that a keyboard cover causes some force on the keys. After some time, though, you will learn how to adapt to the new style of typing. This situation is not ridiculously excessive and therefore shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Ending Words:

Are Keyboard Covers worth it? As you have read a detailed note about the keyboard covers and you can now be very clear about these keyboard protection covers either for laptops or desktop pcs.
However, according to our point of view, we think that keyboard covers are beneficial for expensive keyboards, especially for gamers. It’s not essential to have the cover on the keyboard while using it but, you can put keyboard covers while it is not in use.
For laptop users, if your desk is messy as always so it’s better to use laptop keyboard covers to avoid any damage. While shutting down or going to sleep mode, it’s better to have a clean and soft cloth peace on the keyboard cover to avoid marks on your screen.
We hope that now you have a better idea and understanding regarding keyboard covers. Please let us know if you want to know something else, we would like to help you out.