What is Dual Controller on LG Monitor

What is Dual Controller on LG Monitor?

What is Dual Controller on LG Monitor?

The dual controller is a feature that allows users to control two different devices with one input or device.
The dual controller is an LG monitor feature that allows users to control two different devices with one input device like a keyboard and mouse. It can be used with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Many monitors have some form of a USB hub, which can be used to connect peripherals such as mice, keyboards, flash drives, and network adapters or KVM switches.


But, the dual controller function on LG monitors is a fantastic feature that can easily allow users to switch between the computers.
In short, a dual controller allows the user to see and control two different PCs, and laptops simultaneously with single or main primary input of the computer.

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LG 34WN750-B Monitor 34" 21:9 WQHD (3440 x 1440) IPS Display, AMD FreeSync, Dual Controller, OnScreen Control, 3-Side Borderless Design - Black
  • 34" UltraWide 21:9 WQHD (3440 x 1440) IPS Display
  • sRGB 99% Color Gamut and HDR10
  • Multi-tasking - Dual Controller, OnScreen Control

How do you use the dual controller on an LG monitor?

LG’s Dual Controller enables you to use two devices simultaneously. For example, you can use your laptop and TV at the same time.
To activate Dual Controller mode, press Fn + F5 (or F7) on your keyboard when using a connected external display, then select “External Display” as the input source.
You can also activate Dual Controller mode by pressing Fn + F5 (or F7) on your keyboard when using a connected TV without an external display, then select “TV” as the input source.
In addition, if you want to control and use this feature with your PCs, you can do that as well.
For example; you have windows operating PC and want to connect your Mac laptop with the same single display.
So, you have to install the dual controller software on both devices and select the feature of a dual controller from your main device.
And, you are done with it. Now you can easily switch between your pcs on a single-screen display with the input devices of your primary PC which is a windows PC in this case.

How do I set up my LG dual controller?

LG has a Dual Controller feature that lets you control the TV from two different points. LG dual controller feature is useful if you want to watch something on one side of the room and someone else wants to watch something on the other side.
If you want to set up your LG Dual Controller, first, turn on your TV and make sure it’s connected to a power source. Then, press the “Menu” button on both remotes simultaneously and select “Settings.” From there, select “Dual Controller” and follow the instructions.
While doing it on your PCs, you have to install the software from LG’s website and run it on both PCs to use LG dual controller function.
For LG dual controller, Select the primary display LG monitor and the secondary as your laptop. That’s it.

How do you use LG monitor control?

The LG monitor with advanced features allows users to opt for any control command through the settings button below the monitor.
The setting control button allows users to switch and adjust the settings according to their needs. And the dual controller feature is also selected via this control setting.
In addition, LG monitors are easy to use and they offer a lot of control. LG monitors are equipped with an on-screen control panel that allows you to access the monitor’s settings with a single click. This is especially useful for adjusting the monitor’s settings, such as brightness, contrast, color temperature, and more. The menu also lets you change picture modes and other display settings. You can also access the menu from a connected PC or mobile device via LG’s OnScreen Control software.LG monitors are also compatible with LG’s ThinQ AI. This lets you control your monitor’s settings with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa without connecting a separate remote or wireless keyboard.”1 millisecond is equal to 1,000 frames per second.”

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How does LG monitor split-screen work?

LG monitors are designed to be used with a dual-monitor setup, so it can be difficult to monitor all the screens. LG has a feature called “Dual Controller” that allows you to easily manage your dual-monitor setup. It lets you display and control the content on both monitors at the same time. , giving you more time to focus on your work. LG’s monitors offer a variety of features and benefits, including:- The “Dual Controller” software that lets you easily manage your dual-monitor setup while you’re working.- The “Widest Viewing Angle” feature allows the screen to be viewed from up to 178 degrees for a better working and gaming experience, compared to 90 degrees on other monitors.- HDR10+ is a feature that helps you see details that are hidden by glare in dark areas.
The LG Monitor split-screen works very simply and is easy to use. The software allows users to select the split screen option with one click.
The screen can be split half into two displays, it can also be split into 3 to 4 displays allowing users to view/work simultaneously on all displays.

What are the advantages of using a split window and when would you use it?

The split screen function can be very beneficial and is widely used by computer programmers, graphics designers, students, bloggers, YouTubers, gamers, writers, and even by a large number of companies in the world.

The main reason behind using the split screen function is the multiple displays at the same time. The split screen has eased the tasks for all the above users and many

others. It increases productivity and enhances the functionality of an individual or a company.

Even companies use this function for their online meetings and video conferences so that they can easily access the data, and documents and even use it for online presentations.

In addition, the split screen feature has allowed users to work on a single screen without switching and connecting dual screens.

Note: It is very important to mention here that the dual controller function isn’t available on all monitors, you have to check the specs of monitor before buying it. In addition, you can only enjoy the dual control feature or split screen function on wide display monitors only. 

Some of the best LG Monitors:


How To split the screen on an LG monitor? LG Monitor Split Screen Method


The easy and normal method for LG Monitor Split Screen is as follows;

Go to The Desktop Display

Click on the Screen which should be a Right-click

After Right Click on the desktop, you will see the Display Settings option

Select “Display Settings”

Go to the Display Settings window where you will see the option for Multiple Displays

Just click on that “Multiple Displays” where a drop-down menu will appear.

You Will See the option for “Extend Display”

Select “Extend Displays.”

Now just go to the window or application/video that you want to display on half of the screen

Click and hold on to the window’s title bar, then drag it to the left or right side of the screen until the cursor reaches the center of the screen.

After that, you can now leave the button of the mouse to snap the window to half of the screen.

You need to Repeat these steps if you want for the other half of the screens.

Hope you have now a better idea regarding the dual controller functions and split screen. Let us know if you have any questions in this regard.