How Does A Slushie Machine Work

How Does A Slushie Machine Work?

How Does A Slushie Machine Work?

Slushie Machines or Slushee and Icee, how does a slushie machine work? Before getting in detail about the mechanism of this machine, let us see what is it and why is it named slushie and what are the benefits or uses of this machine.

What is Slushie Machine or Slushee?

Slushie Machine also is known as Slushee, slushy or Icee Machine or flavored ice which is a product to provide the cold and tasty drinks to us in a different flavor. Slushie machine is basically the combination of flavor and ice crystals resulting in slush or cold drink. Slush includes water, flavor color and sugar after processing.

Slushie machine provides a unique taste to drink or slush as like other cold drinks and beverages. The flavor of your own choice with the appropriate amount of sugar after being concentrated through water, the output is icy crystal cold fantastic slush.

How Does A Slushie Machine WorkLike other drinks where we have to add ice cubes in cups/glasses, it doesn’t require to add ice cubes. So, you needn’t worry about the ice or addition of other content.

There are two types of slushie machine those are:

1. Automatic Slushie Machines

2. Manual Slushie Machines

1. Automatic Slushie Machines:

These slushie machines are advanced build technologies that act perfectly. You don’t need to worry about the measurement of flavor or sugar, all is handled automatically. Even new machines act smartly according to the size of cup or glass so that all ingredients are mixed accordingly.

However, you have to add flavor and sugar in specific jars/place of slushie machine and all further process is auto.

2. Manual Slushie Machine

These machines are old styled slushie machines which need manual control through levers and hand. These old-styled machines need human help to add the required amount of flavor and sugar. It is as like making a cup of tea yourself, adding 1 or 2 teaspoons of sugar and milk.

Mostly these manual machines had issues in preparing the perfect cup or glass of slush. As everyone could not make a perfect glass of slush.

Now we know what is the slushie machine and their types, let us see how to set up it.

How to set up the Slushie Machine Properly?

Setting up this slushie machine is very easy as like other electronic product. It depends upon the size and weight of that machine. You need a strong and fit table to place it in a proper area.

  1. Place the slushie machine on a table or proper area
  2. Plug the power plug into the electric board
  3. Add flavor color to the slush machine either strawberry, orange, etc
  4. Add sugar in the machine
  5. Push the button of the slushie machine to start working
  6. Allow maximum 2 to 3 hours for the proper and complete process of making slush. However, it depends upon the slushie machine where some of them require only 30 to 60 minutes to complete the process of making slush.
  7. Place your cup or glass and enjoy your slush

That is how simple the setting up the slushie machine and complete procedure. It is operated as simple as like other products.

Now, let us understand the complete mechanism of the slushie machine and see how does it work and provides us slush.

How does Slushie Machine Work?

Slushie machine works like a simple machine. It has Condenser, expansion valves, compressor and evaporator including two blades. One blade is horizontal and other is vertical.

The horizontal blade moves front to back and crushing the molecules of water horizontally where the vertical blade moves up to down or top to bottom which doesn’t allow the molecules of water to freeze. These two blades are also called Mixer blades of a slushie machine. They play important role in the whole process.

When the slushie machine button is pushed, the cooling system of the machine starts through a concentrated liquid in water which further moves through the condenser, expansion valves, compressor and evaporators to make a cool slush.

Slushie machine injects flavor into the water and a reasonable amount of sugar. It should also be kept in mind that sugar is also one of the key factors that don’t allow slush to freeze. It means that sugar is working as antifreeze in this solution. When the slush machine injects the required amount of sugar which is in between 10% to 15%. If sugar is added lesser than 10%, it is assumed that water molecules get stuck and ice cubes or slush may be freezed. It is how the slush machine works smartly with ingredients for slush.

After all these ingredients, the two mixer blades work constantly. Horizontal mixer blades move back to front breaking the water/ slush molecules or particles and preventing them from freezing into big cubes. The other vertical mixer blades move top to bottom regularly also breaking the molecules and preventing ice cubes.

The temperature which is best for these slushie machines is -3-degree Celcius.

It is also very important to allow the slushie machine-specific time to complete its process. As to know the required amount of time for the slushie machine, you have to check the manual of the product or concern the manufacturer or dealer.

After allowing the slushie machine 2 to 3 hours ( some of the machines may complete this whole process 30 to 60 minutes) now it is time to get your cup of slush from a slushie machine. Just push the button or lever to enjoy your Slush.

How many flavors can I have in a slushie machine?

Well, it is simple and easy to know that. Previously the old slushie machine had one flavor box allowing a user to put one flavor. But, new slushie machines have a variety of flavors to be added.

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A slushie machine that allows single flavor at a time, it is suggested that to finish or clean the old flavor when trying to add a different flavor. Slushie machine that allow more than one or two, you can do the same process with those as well, means that you need to clear the old flavor in order to add new ones.

If you love to have a variety of flavors at a time in a slushie machine then go for that slushie machine which has features of multiple flavors options. Otherwise, single flavored slushie machines are good to go with.

Hope you have now complete understanding about how does a slushie machine work and what are the parts of these slushie machines. If you still want to know something extra, let us know in the comment section so we would love to help you out.

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