best slushy maker

Best Slushy Maker

Best Slushy Maker

Slushie or slushy lovers like me have curiosity regarding buying best slushy maker. I love slushies and would love to serve to my all friends when I have a party.

I went to different markets and slushy business owners who had sufficient experience regarding these machines. I came to know the different varieties of these slushy makers. There are machines that you can make a single cup for yourself to several cups even gallon for your all friends which I was in search of.

I love going to parties and hanging around with my friends. And when parties are in summer hot season, it needs beverages like slushies and other cold drinks. So, I had to get one for myself and friends. Detailed research and visits to markets, finally I got one for myself which I would recommend you at last.

Before that, let’s review the best slushy makers available for different uses and purposes as per the need of consumers.

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List of Best Slushy Maker

1. Happybuy Slushy Machine Margarita Maker – 

best slushy makerThis happybuy slushy machine margarita maker is a double tank slushy maker which is best for frappes, iced coffee, frozen cocktails, coffee, juice, tea, beverage, Slurpee. This double tank is basically designed for high performance at offices. The double tank with 2 handles/gears is designed for minimal load.

This is 24L slushy maker machine which is best for office and enough to serve many people.

It features low power consumption with the best performing secop compressor.

The treys are removable which provides ease of access for cleaning them.

Two tanks are made of Polycarbonate material that can control high to low-temperature resistance. These PC tanks are unbreakable which means that they can afford pressure and resistance. These are also removable like treys and can be cleaned easily.

It has food-grade stainless steel evaporator. All copper condenser and PCB are auto controlled. The evaporation cylinder provides speedy cooling where slush comes from 30 to 45 minutes.

The best part of this product is the switch design. These switches are designed to separately control the single tank. These switches provide users to make their slush more soft or hard as per their requirement.

Technical Specifications:

Weight: It weighs 52KG / 114LBS

Size: The size of this machine is 16X14.5X32 inch

Capacity: 12 Liter per tank and two tanks = 24L

Power: It consumes 400Watt power.

Input: The input voltage for this machine is 110V to 130V AC.

Temperature: It goes from -2℃~-3℃ for cold slushy making.

Time: It takes about 30 to 45 Minutes for slush to come.

Precautionary Note from Manufacturer:

  • Do not use the product as you receive it, means wait at least 12 hours and then you can use it.
  • After 12 Hours you waited, please ensure to mix the liquid and don’t use it without mixing liquid.
  • 13% minimum sugar concentration be ensured
  • After the machine is on, “Snow Freeze” and “Mixer” to be turned on at the same time.
  • When slush gets ready, turn off the refrigeration.
  • If wanted to go for maintenance, please ensure to turn the power off.
  • Easy to clean

  • Works great in heat but don’t put it on direct sunlight

  • Less time consumption to make slush less than an hour

  • Gets cold soon

  • Best for parties and several people servings

  • Good PC tanks which are durable and removable

  • Heavy enough in weight

  • Complaints about service and warranty

  • You may need a 100Amp breaker or switch in order to prevent trips.


Overall the product is a good quality product. If you want to use is continuously I would suggest to keep it in a place where you may not suffer from the noise of its fan. In addition, the heavyweight needs a stable and strong table or desk to be kept on. As for the stainless steel is concerned, they may have used stronger stainless steel. Moreover, the service and support may also be improved from the manufacturer. In sum, it is the best product for slushies.

best slushy maker

2. Margarita Girl Single-Bowl Full Size – Slush Frozen Drink Machine – 

best slushy makerIt is a single tank slushy maker machine which can make up to 50 cups of your desired favorite slush. It is also featured as a high capacity machine that is constructed through high impact plastic and stainless steel.

HP air-cooled compressor provides the best cooling and instant freezing for such slushy machines. It provides and handles the consistency control and protection over freezing.

You can keep it in a place where you would love to enjoy your party with friends. You need to put your flavor and start it to get ready for slush.

It is also best for your restaurant if you are the owner of a restaurant. As it can make up to 50 cups and provides you with a high capacity of the frozen drink machine. You can serve your customers the best-frozen drinks without any delay once got ready. It can save you time.

The only thing is to keep the minimum amount of sugar percentage 13% to 15%.

If you want to make cocktails without sugar, you may not get the result you want for sure. So, it is important to assure the amount of sugar that you want to add for your drink. You can make any kind of frozen drink in this machine.

Time for this machine to work is at least one hour. Once you have set up it to the right place and added all ingredients, after turning it on, it will take about an hour to get ready frozen cold juicy slushies for you and your friends. It is best suggested to read all the technical specifications provided by the manufacturer.

Type of drinks: you can make any type of drinks either it is for children or adults. It depends that flavor and alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks you want to make. You can use this machine to make slush out of tea or juice and chocolate drinks, coffee, cocktails, etc.

The design of this product is for the use of high intensity and provides resistance. It is a durable product that provides two 2 years warranty which is the best part of such a slushy maker. Service provided by the manufacturer is outstanding. It reaches out instantly.

It is also very easy to clean and chill. Once you had your cool slushy finished, just open the tanks and trey which are easy to remove and washable, after cleaning and shower of water, your machine is ready for next slush.

Technical Specifications:

Size:                    It is 15 X 13.5 X 32 Inches in size

Weight:              It weighs 32.20 Kg / 71Lbs

Warranty:          2 years parts warranty

Time:                   One 1 Hour for Slush

  • 2 years warranty

  • Can make 50 cups of your favorite beverages

  • High impact plastic material

  • Easy to clean

  • Can make different slushies

  • Time taking to turn into slush

  • It is heavy


This slushy maker is placed among the best slushy makers as it provides 50 cups frozen drinks and most importantly 2 years parts warranty which is not seen for most of the slushy makers. It is an ideal summer product for party lovers and family gatherings.

best slushy maker

3. Nostalgia RSM650COKE Coca-Cola 32-Ounce Slush Drink Maker 

best slushy makerSingle detachable tank Nostalgia Coca-Cola makes 32 Ounces slush drinks which are handled with beautiful handle and a switch to its side. The small in size handled for consistently frozen drinks. The unique and beautiful Nostalgia Coca Cola slushy maker design is the ultimate summer accessory for your kitchen and family.

It is the best tool to quench your thrust and provide you different flavored slushes of fruits, margaritas, daiquiris and soda drinks and also other frozen drinks of slush.

The blending chamber of this slushy maker provides you the space of 32 ounces at a time for your favorite slush drinks. You only need to use crushed ice and salt to freeze your slush.

Moreover, the easy flow spout works and dispenses your slush smoothly and with consistency. Beneath spout, you will get a cup rest and drip tray.

It works best if you have your flavor or fruit juice without water, means if you want to get the best result, make sure that your juice has no water or very little. In addition, if you are expecting to make diet slushies from it, it won’t work with that as you need to put salt in your sugar-based juices in it. Moreover, if you are going to add alcohol you can add it after your slush is ready.

This mini slushy maker is best for personal use but not for parties and several servings. It uses crushed ice instead it doesn’t have a condenser. So, manual crushed ice to be added.

The size and weight make it easy to be portable and you can take it anywhere you want to enjoy your cold beverages.

It is also easy to clean and be kept perfectly in your kitchen. After slush and flavored cold drinks, you can easily clean it and keep it safe aside in a specific area.

Technical Specification:

Weight: It weighs about 5.25 pounds or 2.38 Kgs.

Size:      It covers 7.8 X 8.8 X 17.2 Inches

Material: BPA free material

  • Small in size

  • Easy to clean

  • Easy-flow spout

  • Minimal price

  • Uses crushed ice and salt for slushies

  • It makes noise

  • Takes time to freeze drinks

  • Needs proper practice for perfect slush.


Mini Nostalgia slushy maker is best for single-use or personal. If you want to enjoy with friends and family your favorite frozen drinks then it is not best for you. And it is noisy as well if you have an allergy from noise then keep it away. You need some practice to get perfect slushy as crushed ice and salts are manually added. It also depends on your flavor of juices and fruits to get it done rightly.

best slushy maker

4. Slush Machine Two Tanks 15L U.S Solid Product 

best slushy makerThis slushy maker is next in the list to be kept for your home, bar, restaurant or gas stations. It has large 15 liters two tanks which provide sufficient frozen drinks for your parties and family gatherings.

Two tanks are made with high-quality non-toxic material which is easy to clean and durable. These tanks are made to resist against high and low temperature. These are unbreakable and removable.

The compressor used in this heavy machine is of high quality and made for heavy-duty and several servings nonstop. It means you can use it continuously in your restaurants and bars.

This machine cleaning is easy and can be maintained easily. As they don’t have a pressure chamber in this slushy maker.

All parts and components in contact via refrigeration are made of food-grade stainless steel avoiding rusting and other health-related issues as cleaned and washed. It is, therefore, suggested for every slushy maker to be cleaned and washed after each use.

Most likely sugar used in slushies, can affect the parts of the machine and stuck there.

Besides being a heavy-duty machine, it can be kept for home use and for sure most of the slushy lovers have kept it in their kitchens as well.

The slush and frozen drinks can be made for adults and children. You can make it your essential summer product for your family and they would love to have it at home.

The manufacturer claims to replace all its parts in the U.S only. As most of the people have complained regarding the machine, but it is best practice to read all essential instructions provided by the manufacturer before usage and regarding Replacement Company claims one year warranty for all components/parts but within the locality of U.S.


Technical Specification:

Weight:               It weighs 61.3 Kgs / 135 Lbs.

Size:                     It covers 17 X 22 X 29 Inches area

Material:            High quality non-toxic and stainless steel

Power:                110 V and 60Hz

Capacity:            Two tanks 15 Liters


  • Best for a large number of people

  • High-quality compressor

  • Easy to Clean

  • Can be used commercially and individually

  • High and low-temperature resistance tanks

  • 1 year all parts warranty in the U.S

  • Warranty for U.S locals only

  • Too heavy


              As you may have in your mind that this machine is too heavy and mostly used commercially. If you are a party lover and a lot of family members that join you on weekends and holidays then go for it. Most specifically, the U.S residents can take advantage of one-year parts replacement which is not available outside of the U.S. So, enjoy your slushy and frozen drinks with this best slushy maker.

best slushy maker

5. Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker DM3000

best slushy makerMargaritaville Tahiti Slushy maker is among those best slushy maker that provides you amazingly with 6+ different cold beverages. Yes, you heard it right, you can enjoy smoothies, margarita, mojito, mudslide, colada, and daiquiri with this amazing concoction maker. It isn’t heavy enough so you can take it with yourself for parties and outdoor events.

It has three 24 Ounce jars each which store your 6+ different drinks. You only need to put and fill the top jar with ice and your favorite flavors/ingredients into blending jars.

One feature of this slushy maker is that you can choose from shave only and blend only which means that if you want to have a thicker frozen drink or thinner.

The material used for manufacturing this product includes bamboo wood, polished and shiny stainless steel and with brushed aluminum finishes.

Like other products, it includes one year warranty for product satisfaction. Overall, the product is of great quality, but some of the complaints regarding cracks in jars have been received. However, these jars can be replaced or parts available on amazon and markets. As for the noise of the machine is concerned, it makes normal sounds or noise like other slushy makers which is normal at all.

Technical Specification:

Weight:              It weighs about 28.2lbs / 12 Kgs

Size:                     It dimensions are 20 X 20.1 X 20.1 Inches

Power:                It runs on 110V and consumes 700W for both shave and blend

Material:            Good plastic and stainless steel material used.

Warranty:          1-year replacement warranty for parts

  • 6+ different drinks facility

  • Two shaves and blend option

  • Three jars with 72 Ounces of frozen drinks

  • Rotating ice chute

  • Indoor and outdoor product

  • More people can be served at a time

  • 1-year warranty

  • Jars cracking complains

  • Not easily cleanable


              Well, this Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker DM3000 is amazing in this price allowing you to serve more people with more than 6 different frozen drinks which include mudslide, colada, mojito, smoothie, margarita, etc. In addition, it isn’t too much heavy and can be used indoors or outdoors. The only thing which negates its features or durability is, jars complain which you can adjust and use it with security measures and carefully.

best slushy maker

General Buyer’s Guide for Best Slushy Maker

It is also very important to have the following questions or list of points in your mind before buying slushy maker.

How many people are you going to serve the frozen drinks or slush?

The first and most important thing before buying a slushy maker, you may have a clear vision regarding the number of people you are going to serve the slush. If you are going to serve more people at a time then go for heavy and large slushy maker which may have several jars and huge capacity of frozen drinks. If you are looking for less number of people to serve your favorite flavored drinks then go for normal and minimal slushy maker.


What is your minimum to maximum budget?

Next point which is also very important, if you have decided either to go for heavy or normal capacity slushy maker, just check your financial condition or the amount you have. If you have enough money for either slushy maker then try to get the good quality at the best price. Don’t compromise over cheap and low-quality products.


Will it be for your personal use or commercial use?

After having enough money and selection of machine, have in mind if you have to use it for your personal use then no need to go for commercial machines which may cost more. However, it again depends upon the number of people you want to serve.


How many types of drinks do you want a slushy maker to make?

If you wish to serve more than one frozen drinks or flavors or type of drinks then check out for the product that has this feature. As most of the heavy-duty machines used commercially have single flavored slushy options.


How long can you wait for your drinks to get ready?

Most importantly, the time consumption of slushy maker is another thing which most of the users complain. It is suggested that if you are going to select a commercial slushy machine for your restaurants, bars or parties and there you need continuous and consistent frozen drinks servings in less time then you may check for the time of that product which it takes to complete its process. However, there are different slushy makers which take from 30mintutes to 60minutes and even 3 hours to get your favorite drink ready. So, keep it in mind before you buy this machine.

Cooling and refrigeration system of the machine.

It plays very important and for sure it is the main feature of any slushy maker. Make sure the components like condenser, compressor, evaporators and other refrigeration system are of high and good quality to ensure the best cooling and good results.


Do you need it for indoor or outdoor purpose?

At last, if you want to enjoy your drinks in summer season out of the station and often going for outdoor stay, then ensure the size and weight of the slushy maker which can be portable and easy to be carried.

Hope this user guide will help you out to get your best slushy maker in no time and with detailed pre-requisites.

I think these 5 best slushy makers are enough for anybody who wants to check for personal or commercial use within the minimal budget. There are even more different brands and qualities of slushy makers but I have gone through these 5 and found them to be good in this category.

Last Words:

Now, you may be curious to know about my choice and selection among these 5 best slushy makers. So, here is the secret revealed.  I got one Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker DM3000 for my home and outdoor events with family and the other Happybuy Slushy Machine Margarita Maker for my parties. Both are working fine and had no issues yet with me.

Let me know about your experience regarding slushy makers and how did you find this research beneficial. We’d love to hear from you.

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