Should I get an iPad or MacBook for College

Should I get an iPad or MacBook for College?

It becomes a hard decision for the students while going to college whether should I get an iPad or MacBook for college. Students are already very curious and doubtful regarding subject selections, college/school selection, and the way they are going to pay the fee for college.
So, here we have researched and gone through every detail of iPad and MacBook both. Our experts have studied and analyzed every aspect of these two devices for students. after reading this detailed article, it will be very easy for any student to go for an iPad or MacBook.
In this article, you will have the pros and cons of the iPad as well as the Macbook. These features will make the mind of students clear and guide them to take a quick decisions.

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So, let’s begin with the Article.

Should I get an iPad or MacBook for college?

Well, this totally depends on the requirements of students. A lot of people lean towards getting an iPad for college because they’re affordable and versatile. They can do a lot of what MacBooks can do, but they’re cheaper and lighter. But, depending on what you’re going to be using your computer for, a MacBook might be the better choice.

The MacBook is a laptop that has its own features whereas the iPad is like a Tab that is easy to carry and can be used like a notebook. However, students need to check their requirements whether they are going to use heavy software/applications or just normal tasks in classes.

To elaborate and make your mind clear, you need to know about the pros and cons of iPads as well as Macbooks.

Why should I get an iPad For College?

There are the following pros of iPads for students.

iPads Positive aspects for Students of College

1. It is affordable and cheap to buy especially for a student.
2. It is portable and easy to carry in hand or bags as compared to MacBook or any other laptop.
3. It has a great screen that can be placed on the desk for reading and writing purposes.
4. It has a good processor.
5. It has a good backup time with a great battery
6. It is easily operated and can be used like a mobile phone.
7. It is great for a study where students can download and read documents/books.
8. It can also be used for taking notes easily. If you have forgotten the notebook, no worries iPad is here for you.
9. It is great for watching video lectures.
10. iPad is very useful for eBooks downloads and reading. Students can easily read ebooks with a good size display.
11. It is great for music as well as audio lectures while studying.
12. Multi applications for students can be downloaded from the store.
13. It is great for using social media to be connected with your college friends.
14. It is great for surfing the web and doing research on your subjects.
15. It turns on instantly by clicking the lock/power button.

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The drawbacks of iPads for students.

1. It can not run heavy applications/software like MacBook.
2. With a limited processor, it can not perform multitasking simultaneously.
3. Students can easily get distracted by using social media apps, cameras, and games.
4. It requires extra care. Being portable and easy to carry, students carry it without any safety bags or covers which can be damaged if fallen down.
5. After adding/installing numerous applications, with the passage of time iPads can slow down their performance which will cause stress for the students.

Why should I get Macbook For College?

The MacBook is a great laptop that provides a variety of features. When it comes to studies, the Macbook would be a great option for the student to get for their college.

The following are the pros of the MacBook.

1. It has a phenomenal processor that can perform multitasking simultaneously.
2. It can run almost all software and applications needed for college students.
3. It has a good backup battery.
4. It can be carried easily as well.
5. It comes with bags that protects your valuable gadget.
6. It provides a variety of applications for reading ebooks.
7. Students can watch video lectures on it as well.
8. Internet surfing is great on this laptop while researching.
9. The performance of the MacBook is better than the iPad.
10. Social media accounts can also be used on this laptop.

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The negative aspects of the Macbook

There aren’t too many drawbacks to the Macbook, however, while checking it for the students, the following cons have seen students.
1. It’s not as much lighter as iPads are.

2. It requires an extra bag to carry it in (however, most of the students don’t)

3. It’s not as user-friendly as the iPad.

4. Users are not so comfortable carrying it like iPads.

5. Requires a proper place/desk to be placed on it.

6. It is more expensive than iPads.

Final Thoughts on Should I get an iPad or MacBook For College?

Well, after the research and the pros and cons of iPads and MacBooks, now students can easily differentiate and make decisions. However, the iPad is also the best option for students with normal tasks. It is also cheap in price as compared to MacBook.It’s simple to use and it can do so many things that the Mac or HP Envy 13 can’t do.
In addition, MacBook is a great laptop that helps students to have all functionalities in one place. Besides weight and carrying issues, it is great stuff that students can go for it. If you are looking for a device that will last you throughout your time in school and will be beneficial for your school experience, the MacBook is the best choice.
We hope that you will have a clear vision for choosing the iPad or Macbook for your College.