Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse Pad Review

Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse Pad Review

What is Lenovo Y Gaming mouse Pad?

Lenovo y gaming mouse pad is a smooth and wonderful surface for your mouse which provides you feeling of flexible and great movements of the mouse around. It has fine woven polyester which is perfectly smooth.

What is in the box?

While you purchase this gaming mouse pad/mat, it will have

  1. Mouse Pad/Mat
  2. Posters


Features of Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse Pad Review :

As gamers need large space for smooth and quick movements around which is served by this pad easily. It has a large surface that covers the need of gamers. Lenovo y gaming mouse pad is one of those pads which has a good rubber bottom, making the pad immoveable and stick to the desk. As said that gamers need large space for movements of the mouse without any disturbance so this pad really makes it one of the better choices for gamers due to rubberized bottom. Corners of this mouse pad are nicely round shaped which avoid penetration in any of stuff placed on tables. Unique Y shaped red letter makes it attractive and the well-decorated piece for gaming desks. Most commonly this pad is suitable for any type of mouse either small mouse, large mouse (as the mouse for large hands and mouse for small hands) or gaming mouse. No matter what type of mouse do you have or what kind of usage do you want to it for, it is perfect for either case.

As per Lenovo company official website, it has high-density microfiber surface. Edges have braided locked-edge design and this pad has skid proof bottom as discussed earlier.


Tech Specifications

Following are the basic specifications of this pad:

  • It has Height (US)      47 in
  • It has Width (US)       51 in
  • The Depth (US) is      24 in
  • The Weight (US) is    22 lbs
  • The Height                 3 mm
  • The Width                  7 mm
  • The Depth                 6 mm
  • Weight                      1 kg
  • Supported Operating Systems OS Independent
  • Warranty Types 1 Year – Customer Replaceable Unit


  • It is large in size which is the basic need of gamers and other users.
  • It is skid proof and doesn’t slip easily making the mouse work smoothly.
  • Round shaped corners avoid disturbance in case of movements.
  • Thin shape of the pad facilitates the user avoiding disruption.
  • It can easily be folded.


  • Due to the large size, most of the user avoid it except gamers
  • The textured layout of the pad and black color picks up dirt and scuff which needs regular cleaning.

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Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse Pad Review Conclusion:

As for we have reviewed and checked it out. Nowadays most of the people don’t use mouse pads but when it comes to this Lenovo y mouse pad, it is really a good one for gamers because it is large and sticky to desk due to rubber bottom. So, for normal use, it may be not fit but gamers can go for this pad and enjoy their games.

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