are toddler trampolines safe

Are Toddler Trampolines safe? Did you Know?

My baby boy used to jump on my desk and even on my chair to have fun. Then I thought why not get him a trampoline? But, before that, I needed to see the safety precautions.

Are toddler trampolines safe? I researched and did some digging in this area, so I came out with different results. As for as safety is concerned, yes they are safe enough in terms of your own safety preemptions taken for your baby. And No, in other cases. So, how is that just let me explain more in detail so that you can decide for yourself?

You better know that kids need some space for having fun and when they do, they just get too much excited. Here it is the same case with trampolines. Kids start jumping on the trampoline and they get pitched into the air. If they free fall in the center of the trampoline mat on their feet, that sounds good. They try harder for the high jump and lose their balance. Resulting often in damage or hurting themselves. These injuries can be minor to major. From a scratch to bone/head damage.

Here is some basic info before we get into details.

What is a trampoline?

A trampoline is a flexible mat made for jumping and having fun. It can be small, medium, or large in size. The main purpose of the trampoline is to provide enjoyment, fun, and entertainment to the jumpers. These are manufactured in different ways with different tools depending upon the age of jumpers and the types where they are to be used.

Types of the trampoline.

Actually, there are several types of trampolines. Basically, there are two types 1. Indoor and 2. Outdoor.

Indoor trampolines are mostly used at homes whereas outdoor ones are used in parks. People who love to jump along with their children, love to have indoor trampolines. But, most people also visit trampoline parks to let their children have fun while they visit those parks.

Besides jumping and having fun, there are also some threats to children/toddlers while using a trampoline. Toddlers/children often face injuries and accidents. So, just let’s see what the pediatrics say in this context.

What do pediatrics Say?

Most pediatrics strongly condemn the usage of trampolines for children under the age of 6 years. They say that toddlers/children at this age have weak bones and joints which are in the stage of growth. While they play on the trampoline, continuous jumping puts pressure on their bones which causes fractures and bone breaks. Sometimes these injuries are too high that children need hospitalization.

Even the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly negates the usage of trampolines at any age. They just don’t allow children to be put at such risks.

Are there any injury cases occurred yet?

Yes, there were 107,100 emergency room visits in 2015 and on average in 2018. 3,000 injuries per year require hospitalization and there was also some death since 2009. Kaitlin Hill shared her post on Facebook that her son has a serious injury and broke his femur while jumping on the trampoline in an indoor park in Tampa.

Parents mostly see the soft and flexible mat as safe which may not be in most cases. As the children jump to height and land on their feet, back, or head it continuously puts pressure on their bones which are growing. Most of the time, parents watch and supervise their children but, half of these injuries even occur under the supervision of parents.

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What do the trampoline manufacturers say?

Well, after some research and contact with trampoline manufacturers, they just guarantee their product services. However, most of them really wanted to figure out such cases and were serious to take steps in this regard. They also disclosed some precautions with me which I will be going to share at the end of this article.

How about Trampoline Parks?

As for trampoline parks are concerned, the number of these parks is rapidly growing. Where the number of trampoline parks used to be 35 to 50, are now more than 800 in the USA. According to the research of the American Academy of Pediatrics, these numbers must have not grown instead. But, that is another area of my research that is why these parks are increasing after such excessive injuries.

Precautions / Safety Steps for toddler’s trampolines

While researching and chatting with the trampoline manufacturers and even some physical meetings, I ended up with the following safety steps for getting rid of any injuries which may help parents and adults.

  1. Trampoline Side guards.

  2. Number of Children as per age rule

  3. Paddings

  4. Supervision

1. Trampoline Side Guards

Toddlers and children under the age of 6 years can’t balance themselves while jumping on trampolines. So, before buying a mini or any trampoline for children, you need to have side guards. Side guards are pillars attached to the trampoline with pipes and nets that surround the trampoline so that any children or toddlers may not fall out.

Most of the trampolines don’t have side guards, in such cases, you may keep your trampoline in an indoor area where children if fell out accidentally, may not get hurt. You can also keep some sponge or bed mattresses, and cushions that provide safe landings in case your children lose balance.

But, it is better to have a trampoline that has safeguards sides.

2. Number of Children as per age rule

After you have all sides covered securely. It is time to leave one child/baby at a time to jump. Even if they are of the same age. Because of balancing, they can collide together and get hurt. It is best to have one baby at a time. However, it also depends upon the size of the trampoline, if it is big enough that more than one or two can play simultaneously, then children of equal or the same ages may be allowed to jump.

It is best not to allow children under the age of 6 years to jump on the trampoline as per pediatrics.

Most of the time adults and toddlers jump and play at the same time and there are chances of injuries to toddlers or children under the age of 6 years. To keep them safe and secure, do consider this precautionary step as well.

3. Paddings

Now, it must have been the second on the list but, most of the children/toddlers hesitate or hate to wear pads or helmets. When they play alone and with side-guarded trampolines, they don’t need these paddings for short-time play. However, it is recommended that children should be sent with complete pads and helmets on the trampoline.

Especially when they are playing with other children and in outdoor parks. Paddings and helmets are a must for babies to prevent them from any future accidents.

4. Supervision

It is the most important safety part as well. However, the half rate of injuries has also occurred under the supervision of parents and adults but, there are many advantages of supervision. By supervising your toddler, you can get him out of the trampoline at a specific time in order to secure injuries. You can even protect him in case of no side guards.

This supervision part is not only for the trampoline where parents have to play but in every sphere of life. Even if the toddlers get near the kitchen, hot boil tubs, etc, they need supervision and care everywhere all day.

So, these were basic precautionary steps which if followed the chances of injuries may decrease.

Trampoline for Toddlers

Trampolines can be a fun and exciting activity for toddlers, but it’s important to keep safety in mind. When using a trampoline with a toddler, it’s best to set it up in an area with soft surfaces such as grass or sand to reduce the risk of injury in case of falls. It’s also important to closely supervise toddlers while they are on the trampoline and to make sure they are using it properly. Toddlers should never be allowed to jump unsupervised or to do flips or other acrobatic moves. It’s also a good idea to purchase a trampoline with safety features such as a protective net or padding to help prevent falls and injuries.

The following are the best trampoline for toddlers 

Do I still need to get a trampoline?

You know that children and toddlers need something for fun. After the research and statistics and precautions, it all depends upon you to get your baby a trampoline or not. But, I will definitely go with the suggestions of Pediatrics not to get a trampoline for my baby until he reached the age of 6 years.

If you have any suggestions or want to share your views, please let us know in the comment section that are toddler trampolines safe or not”?

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