How long do razer gaming laptops last?

How Long Do Razer Gaming Laptops Last?

How Long Do Razer Gaming Laptops Last?

Razer Gaming Laptops last about 4 to 6 years depending on the usage and proper maintenance of razer gaming laptop.
Razer gaming laptops are one of the best gaming laptops that are undoubtedly used worldwide with multi-features like slim size, extended battery life, powerful display, and advanced GPUs.

What are the reasons behind the short life span of Razer gaming laptops?

As these laptops are used almost all over the world so users around the world are curious about the lifespan of these razer gaming laptops. There are two main reasons why users face less or a short lifespan of razer gaming laptops.
So, let’s discuss and see what are those main reasons and their ultimate solutions.

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1. Faulty Manufacturers Parts / Laptop
2. Improper Usage/non-maintenance of Razer Gaming Laptop

1. Faulty Manufacturers Parts

Most of you might have been confronted with this issue while buying a brand-new laptop. Some of you might have seen a faulty battery with less / short-time backup. Some users might have experienced heating issues and some of you might have seen lagging, or rebooting, SSD storage compatibility issues, and so on.

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Due to the large number of manufacturing these laptops, there always exists some faulty parts which might be less than 1% of overall finished products. These issues can be with battery lifespan, motherboards, graphic chips, and others. That’s the reason the company/manufacturer comes up with a warranty to be claimed. Because of an automated system, some faulty sets/razer gaming laptops might be released in the market.
In this case, there is nothing to worry you just have to claim the warranty and replace it with a new laptop or the same part. They will fix it for you and you would have a working razer gaming laptop.

2. Improper Usage / non-maintenance of Razer Gaming Laptop

The second reason that counts the shorter lifespan of razer gaming laptops, is the improper usage and non-maintenance of these laptops. Some gamers just buy a laptop and forget the proper maintenance and usage of a laptop which results in damage either less/short lifespan of the laptop or even damage to any part.
In such conditions, laptop users specifically gaming laptop users can face the following damage to their laptops.
i. Overheating
ii. GPU Damage
iii. Dead Motherboard
iv. Little to no battery backup

i. Overheating

Razor gaming laptops like other gaming laptops heat more than normal laptops. Because of the high graphics displays and specs, it’s normal for gaming laptops. Because gaming laptops have only single or double small fans to exhaust the heat from the laptop. They are not like gaming PC with extra cooling fans.
So, heating is not that much issue with these gaming laptops. But, overheating can kill these laptops at some stage.

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What causes overheating in gaming laptops?

Overheating is caused due to the following reasons;
• Heavy games which are not as per the requirements matching with specifications.
• Opening/ running multi games simultaneously without closing background applications/games.
• Using gaming laptops on soft heat-absorbing surfaces like pillows, cushions, etc.
• The faulty fan that stops often or has a broken blade by not providing enough cooling.
• The dried thermal paste on process and heat sink.
• Dust particles

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How to Cool/stop overheating gaming laptops?

You can control overheating and cool down your gaming laptop by following these steps,
Steps to Cool down Gaming laptops
1. Avoid installing and running those games which don’t meet your gaming laptop specs.
2. Close all background / unwanted applications and software which are not essential at present.
3. Don’t use soft heat absorbable surfaces.
4. Use a cooling Pad or stand. (See best cooling Pads here).
5. Clean the fan regularly from specks of dust. And, replace if a fan is faulty or has a broken blade.
6. Use the thermal paste on the processor/heat sink.
7. Clean the laptop from dust particles specifically the motherboard and fan.
These are simple basic steps that can stop overheating issues in all laptops including gaming laptops.

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ii. GPU or Graphics Damage

GPU or Graphics damage is caused by overheating most of the time. In addition, dust particles, moisture, and passing pressure on laptops may also cause graphics failure.
Gaming laptops use various parts of the laptops which results in heating. The components of laptops including graphics chips get heated. A user plays games improperly and presses the keyboard of the laptop with power or pressure without acknowledging the damage that is gradually affecting the GPU of the laptop.
Doing such practices may also shorten the lifespan of the razer gaming laptop or any other gaming laptop.
It’s therefore advised and suggests not to use the keyboard of gaming laptops. However, you can get a new gaming keyboard that could easily absorb your emotions/pressure.
Check out here best gaming keyboards for your laptops;

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iii. Dead Motherboard of the razer gaming laptop

As discussed above, gaming laptops get heat by using regularly. If not properly used, you could damage its graphics card as well as any part of the motherboard.
Sometimes the parts of the motherboards get too much heat and a single jolt can cause you big damage. Sometimes, it results in a dead motherboard as well. In addition, dust particles, liquids, or moisture can also cause a dead motherboard.
So, it’s suggested that use gaming laptops properly with care and maintain it properly avoiding moisture contact with it.

iv. Little or no Battery Backup

Razer gaming laptop users or any gaming laptop users might have experienced that after purchasing gaming laptops, the battery backup of these giants works very well for hours and hours. But, after several usage of weeks, it gradually decreases, and sometimes the battery of these gaming laptops is completely dead.
The reason for dead battery or little backup are as under;

Gamers while playing games forget to unplug the charge of the laptop. Once, the charge is complete to 100%, the charger plug should be unplugged. However, advanced chargers have come up with automatic charging controllers. But, a normal gamer cannot always measure it or know whether it is working fine or not.
So, sometimes faulty charger cause overcharging which gradually decrease the lifespan of the battery and gaming laptop.

Duplicate/clone charger

Original chargers are always the best fit for gaming laptops. The battery of gaming laptops needs the exact power and amperes to charge the cells fully. However, a clone or duplicate charger might not have the credibility and functionality of having exact and full charge power.
Such duplicate and clone chargers affect the battery of the razer gaming laptop which then starts decreasing the backup time.
So, it’s also recommended that always an original charger for razor gaming laptops may be purchased for charging to avoid shortening the lifespan of the battery and your gaming laptop.

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How to increase the lifespan of laptop batteries?

You can also take the following steps to increase your Razer gaming laptop battery lifespan.
i. Use normal or required brightness of your laptop screen.
ii. Don’t plug in unnecessary devices or peripherals.
iii. Disconnect Android devices/ phones or network connectivity if not essential.
iv. Use a manager power plan for your battery settings.

The lifespan and how long razer gaming laptops last depend on the above factors. If a razer gaming laptop or any normal laptop user follows the above steps. We are very optimistic that the razer gaming laptops will last 2 to 3 years extra as their average life span of 4 to 6 years.

How Long do gaming laptops Last?

The lifespan of a gaming laptop depends on a variety of factors, including the quality of the components, the way it is used, and the level of care it receives. On average, gaming laptops can last and live for 3-7 years with proper care and maintenance. However, some gaming laptops may last longer, while others may have shorter lifespans due to hardware or software issues.

To extend the lifespan of a gaming laptop, it’s important to keep the hardware and software up to date, clean the laptop regularly, and use it in a way that doesn’t put undue strain on the components. This may include using the laptop on a stable surface to prevent overheating, avoiding using it for long periods of time without taking breaks to let it cool down, and avoiding exposing it to extreme temperatures or moisture. It’s also a good idea to invest in a high-quality laptop with reliable components and a strong warranty to reduce the risk of hardware issues.

How Long Do Razer Gaming Laptops Last?

In sum, if a razer gaming laptop is properly used and maintained, it can last from 4 to 7 years.
I hope you have understood all the details about how long do razer gaming laptops last. Please let me know if you have any further questions in this regard, I will be happy to help you.