How Accurate Are Fitness Trackers for Blood Pressure

How Accurate Are Fitness Trackers for Blood Pressure

How Accurate Are Fitness Trackers for Blood Pressure

Nowadays everyone is looking to get some smart gadgets either it is a smartwatch, smart television, smart devices. In this era of technology, we are more curious about our health and fitness. As more than 60% of the world, the population is directly dependent on technology and 50% of that is online as per a report from Guardian.

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We know that technology and smart devices have a very important place in society. If we talk about the fitness trackers where they are used to track our steps, heartbeat rate, blood pressure, movement, swimming, distance, etc. These trackers are widely being used in different devices like a smartwatch and even they are being manufactured separately for specific fitness tracking as well.

So, How accurate are fitness trackers for blood pressure? Well, there may be two different answers to this question.

1.       Fitness trackers for blood pressure when used as per the described method of the manufacturer, can be accurate.

2.       Fitness trackers for BP monitoring can depend on your body position or state of the body to provide you with accurate results.

3.       It depends upon the brand of fitness tracker or quality of the fitness tracker you are using to measure your blood pressure.

These fitness trackers are designed in such a way that they interact with your body to sense the flow of your blood in your body. You may face different results in monitoring your blood pressure when you check it after exercise, running or swimming or even in a depressing situation.

Where it depends on the situation as well as on the brand or make of fitness trackers. There are also cheap and low-quality fitness trackers available in the market which doesn’t even complete the standards of measurement. It is advised to avoid such devices.

In addition, as per recommendations of Sheldon G. Sheps, M.D: “ To get accurate blood pressure readings, the position of your arm and wrist must be at heart level”.

So, all fitness trackers have some basic features where they count our steps, heartbeat rate, and distance, etc, and on these daily and hourly basic data, they have an algorithm to calculate the amount of burned calories and other fitness records to show us periodically on screen.

The detailed clinical research has also been done on these trackers where Assistant Professor Dr. Lisa Cadmus-Bertram of Kinesiology and Epidemiology has provided different views and research-based results as well.

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Hence, you can get accurate blood pressure results through best fitness trackers and they will be most probably accurate rather than low quality and cheap fitness trackers.