Can SSD Be Used As External Drive

Can SSD Be Used As External Drive? 6 Facts about SSDs

Can SSD Be Used As External Drive? 

Yes, SSD can be used as an external drive or storage for your laptop, desktop PCs, mobile phones, and other smart devices. You have to use a kit for that purpose. The kit would allow you to connect your SSD drive with the USB port of your laptop and PC.

Solid State Drive or SSD is nowadays widely being used around the world. The main benefit of this drive is its speed and durability. That’s why now users are switching towards SSDs and especially looking to use these drives as an external drives for storage as well.

As SSDs are getting more popularity and demand by the users so the traditional common HDDs are being neglected by the users. SSDs have eventually changed the speed and durability of data transmission and storage.

6 Facts of Using SSD as External Drive / Storage


1. Durability of SSD

2. Speed of SSD

3. Life span of SSD

4. Weight of SSD

5. Sound of SSD

6. Temperature of SSD

1. Durability of SSD

The first and most important fact is that it is durable and users feel satisfied as these drives are more resistant to shocks and sudden falling down to damage. Solid State Drives are manufactured with NAND flash-mounted chips in circuits which are as like your memory cards of mobile phones or cameras. That makes them safe and can resist shocks and damages.

But, the HDDs are built and manufactured with moving plates and the very soft and flexible node that moves on these plates. A minor and small shock can cause damage to the hard drive which can result in data loss.

So, durability is the main reason which provides user satisfaction and ease of mind.


2. Speed of SSD

The second fact is speed. SSDs are faster than normal HDDs. These drives are 10 to 20 times fasters where a normal HDD average file transfer rate is 50MB/S to 220MB/s and SSD average speed is 520MB/s to 800MB/s.

The mechanical structure of SSD and HDD is the main fact that makes SSD faster than HDD. SSD with chip manufacturing and structure, access the data instantly and fast. Where HDD can only access those data instantly which are close to read/write heads.

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3. Life Span of SSD

SSDs intend to be used for the long run. The lifespan of SSDs is much longer than normal HDD. The durability and shock-resistant qualities of the SSDs make them run for a longer time. Being said that SSDs would turn to be cost-efficient for the future.

A normal HDD will last for 3 to 5 years depending on usage where SSDs would last for 10 years. It is also very essential to mention here that the life span of both either HDD or SSD is dependent on usage.

It isn’t as though HDDs will expire or stop working after 3 to 5 years. But, an average life span of HDD is calculated by its mode of working keeping in view the moveable object and parts used in HDDs. HDDs can even last more than 5 years as well.

However, the average lifespan of SSD is much longer than HDD which is 10 years and it can also be used and maintained for more than ten years.

4. Weight of SSD

SSDs are ultra-light in weight and can easily be carried as an external drive. Where HDDs are 10 times more weight. A normal and average SSD would have 70g to 85g where an HDD would be weighting between 700g to 800g.

There is a huge difference in terms of weight as well. Again the reason is the mechanical manufacturing of these drives. HDDs have a magnet, platter, actuator arm, and other parts like spindle which increase the weight of HDDs. That’s why SSDs are much better to be used as an external drives.

5. Sound of SSD

HDDs with moving parts and actuator arm running on a platter make a sound. More often users can listen to it clearly. However, HDDs have no to minimum sound that can’t be heard normally.

Sometimes HDDs sound terrible where users can be disturbed with regular noise. If HDDs sounds louder and louder, then it indicates the HDD is going to be dead or corrupted soon.

6. Temperature of SSD

HDDs with such moving parts and weight, get hot and increase in temperature while using. However, the SSDs are much cooler than HDDs.

The SSD uses less power and consumes little amount of energy which keeps it cooler and avoids an increase in temperature. And HDDs with moveable parts require more power and consume more energy resulting in an increase in temperature.

It is therefore suitable for the use of external hard drive or storage. So SSDs can easily be used as external drive and storage for different purposes with different devices.

How Can SSD Be Used As External Drive

It is very simple, you have to check for the kit like Amazon basics, Sabrent, or others. You can get it under 10$ as well.


Step 1. Open the Kit as directed in the manual.

Step 2. Connect your SSD drive with it.

Step 3. Close the cover of the kit and connect it with the provided USB cable.

And you are done, your SSD is now ready to be used as an external drive.

This is how can SSD be used as an external drive. But, you must check your requirement either you need type-a, c, or any other cable connectivity with it.

As most of the users would like to attach external SSD drive with their professional photography cameras or with mobile phones or even with tablets. So, check out the port connectivity before choosing the right kit for yourself.

Check out the variety of Kits available here.

It is also very important to get a high-speed kit that at least supports 3.0 USB connectivity or eSATA so that transmission of data could be fast.

Now, let’s discuss some more FAQs regarding SSDs.

How to use SSD as USB Drive?

SSD as a USB drive can be used with the help of a kit. You can connect your SSD drive with Amazon Basics Kit or any other and use it as USB drive. It can be portable, plug and play device for your needs. The only thing you need is to adjust the SSD in the said kit.

Once your SSD drive is connected with Kit then it is ready to be connected with your laptop, Desktop PC or mobile phones etc. Even you can connect it with your smart devices like Smart TV etc.

How to use SSD as External Storage?

If you want SSD drive to be used as external storage, again select one of your desired kit from this list. Connect your SSD in it and that’s it. Now you can use SSD as external storage.

This external storage can be connected with all smart devices depending on their compatibility and you can easily transfer files and data to this external SSD storage.

How to use old SSD as external drive?

Old SSD can also be used as external drive. It doesn’t mean that you have to use a new SSD drive for an external drive. If you have bought a new one and want to use the old SSD drive for the external drive you can definitely use it as an external drive with the help of kit or you can even extend your storage by replacing the DVD ROM in your laptop and with extra SATA cable connection in PC.

Can you put a SSD in an external enclosure?

Yes, you can put a SSD in an external enclosure. External enclosure means the same Kit which is discussed in detail above.

How to use SSD enclosure?

Using SSD enclosure is very simple. You have to read the manual for each enclosure and try to connect your SSD drive in that enclosure. Once connected in an enclosure, you can use it with your laptops, Desktop PC, tablets, smartphones, and other smart devices easily.

Hope that now you have come to know that SSDs can be used as external drive and storage. Please let us know if you have any other questions regarding SSDs or HDDs we would love to help you.