can gaming mouse be used as normal mouse

Can Gaming Mouse Be used as Normal Mouse

If you don’t have the idea about differences in gaming and a normal mouse, either you are using a normal mouse and want to switch to a gaming mouse or using a gaming mouse and want to switch to a normal mouse. In either case, you may get confused without knowing little information about differences.

Can Gaming Mouse be used as a Normal Mouse?

can gaming mouse be used as normal mouseWell, precisely the answer is Yes definitely you can use it as a normal mouse, the only thing is it is more comfortable and featured for gaming. But, there are differences in gaming and normal mouse. For better understanding, we have elaborated and compared the features and functionalities as below.

Comparisons Gaming Mouse and Normal Mouse

As a normal practice, most of the people think that gaming mouse can not be used as a normal mouse. Such people either don’t have the basic information regarding gaming mouse or not techy. Somehow the physical look of most gaming mice let them think in such a way because gaming mice have additional buttons and different in shape. But, this mouse can be used as a normal mouse.

If you don’t play games or your games don’t have much to do with mouse functionalities like playing racing games etc, then a regular optical mouse will be best for you to use. However, there is no objection to using a gaming mouse as well.

Let us discuss the various features to be clear.


The gaming mouse is designed and manufactured in such a way that it lasts for a long time. As the gaming mice are mostly used for their functionalities those are added in the shape of additional buttons and while playing games, the mouse is regularly used. Especially in action and fighting games, the gamer uses it very hard by pressing the clicks and other buttons. In this case, the durability of a gaming mouse is a top priority that’s why gaming mouse lasts long and is costly as compared to a normal mouse.

As for the normal mouse, durability is reviewed, these mice are used for a normal task like official work, internet surfing, and simple windows/mac operations. So, a normal mouse is also durable which depends upon the made of the mouse. These mice are used softly by the users and manufacturers produce these normal mice with average material to maintain that quality.


Gaming mouse performance is much better than the normal mouse. The gaming mouse is designed with high-quality materials including sensors, buttons and even the shape and body of the mouse. The reason behind their better performance is to provide fast and better output to gamers without losing trust. Gamers are highly passionate to win their games and perform well and that is only possible if they have proper high performing hardware including a mouse.

Normal mouse performance is also good enough but the material used in these mice is not better than the gaming mouse. The sensor, body, and buttons used for the normal mouse are of average performance as compared to a gaming mouse.

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Dot Per Inch (DPI) / Sensitivity

A gaming mouse has higher sensitivity in terms of DPI (Dot Per Inch) as compared to the normal mouse. The higher the DPI, the greater sensitivity and performance. A normal gaming mouse has at least 3200 DPI and a maximum 16000 DPI which provides a better experience of gaming to gamers.

Whereas a normal optical mouse has less sensitivity and DPI. A normal mouse DPI ranges from 400 to 1600 maximum. With these available dpi ranges for normal optical mouse, all functionalities are easily performed by the normal users. However, not these mice are not the best option for gaming. As there is a huge difference in terms of DPI and sensitivity.

Comfort Wrist Grip

Research statistics show that gamers spend two hours daily playing games on average and at least 6 hours per week. Spending hours playing games require all comfortability in terms of hardware. To relieve and provide comforts to gamers, gaming mice are designed ergonomically to be more comfortable in gaming. The easy and soft wrist grip makes it easier for gamers to play games for hours.

Where a normal mouse isn’t that much comfortable as compare to a gaming mouse. However, nowadays the trend of the normal optical mouse is also changing and new designs and shapes are changing the scenario for the normal mouse to be comfortable and easy to grip.

Addition Buttons / Keys

A gaming mouse has more additional buttons which range from 5/6 to 20 buttons in one mouse. The reason behind having too many buttons in a gaming mouse is the advanced games control keys. The gaming mouse like Logitech G600 (See it Here) which has 20 buttons and Redragon M901 Gaming Mouse (check here) which has 18 additional buttons, is programmable and gamers program / set these keys as per their games requirements and ease of access while playing games.

A normal optical mouse may not have those many buttons. Because a normal user doesn’t need those many keys to operate with a mouse. The normal optical mouse has a minimum of two additional keys and a maximum of 5 or 6 buttons as Like VicTsing MM057 optical mouse with 6 buttons. (want to see it)

Polling/Responsiveness Rate

The polling rate means the rate of responsiveness where a mouse tells its position to the computer and the rate of this responsiveness is measured in Hertz. The higher Hertz, the higher the polling rate. A gaming mouse has more responsiveness or polling rate as compared to a normal mouse. If a gaming mouse has a polling rate of 1000 Hz, it means it will report and tells its position to computer 1000 times each second. Gaming mice have higher polling rates which range from 500 Hz to 1000 Hz.

The polling rate of a normal mouse is much less than the gaming mouse. A normal mouse has a polling rate of about 100-125 to 200Hz which is far low as compared to a gaming mouse.

Note: Here it is more important to mention that the polling rate uses your CPU resources so, the more polling rate means the more usage of CPU resources.


It will be obvious since now looking at all the features and functionalities of gaming and normal mouse that which one would be costly or cheap.

Well, gaming mice in terms of durability, sensitivity, materials, and functionalities are made for high performance which means that their prices are higher than a normal optical mouse. A normal optical mouse like Logitech B100 Corded Mouse is less than $10 (see the price) and a gaming mouse like VicTsing Wired Gaming Mouse will cost more than $500 (See the latest price).

So, the gaming mice are costly and expensive where a normal optical mouse is cheap enough.

Our Suggestion:

We have the following recommendations and suggestions for our users;

  • If you are a normal optical mouse use not a gamer and looking to switch for a gaming mouse then we suggest you continue using your normal optical mouse.
  • If you have a gaming mouse and you are not a gamer, just want to experience the gaming mouse for the normal task then you can go for it. It will work for you.
  • And if you are a game lover and want your gaming journey to be more joyful, then we suggest using a gaming mouse for a better gaming experience.
  • Lastly, we recommend our readers to continue with the normal mouse if you are not a gamer as they are cheap and can handle are tasks. Otherwise, for game lovers gaming mouse is a handy tool.

Hence, the gaming mouse can be used as a normal mouse.