can electric bikes be used manually

Can Electric Bikes Be Used Manually

Can Electric Bikes Be Used Manually


Yes, electric bikes can be used manually by pedaling. Riding an electric bike is one of the most enjoyable experiences. There is a lot of confusion about how electric bikes work. Some people think that they are like scooters or motorcycles and need to be started with a key. Others think that they are like bicycles and can be ridden without any power.

The truth is that electric bikes can be ridden in two ways: manually and with the help of a motor. The rider can choose either to go manually or with the motor.

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In this article, we are going to clear the confusion that most riders have in the mind. Either an electric bike can be used manually or not.
So, just let’s jump into it.

Manual Riding of an Electric Bike

Manual riding of an electric bike is as easy as it is with the motor. The electric motor is not used to power the bike but is connected with a battery to use that power and convert it into kinetic energy.

In manual riding, the rider uses the pedals to go forward and the handlebars to go in the direction of travel same as with normal bikes.

Manual riding is great for short commutes or rides in urban areas because the motor does not add any weight to the bike. Manual riding is also great for bike commuters who live in central areas and are looking for a fast, low-maintenance option.

Manual riding is not ideal for long-distance riding or for people who are not familiar with electric bikes because it is harder to control the bike and it is slower than riding with the motor. In addition, riding an electric bike manually for a long distance would exhaust the rider as compared to a normal bike.

However, manual riding is not recommended for long-distance trips. Electric bikes are heavy and need a lot of power to move a rider over the long distances that are needed to travel.

Manual riding is also harder in hilly areas because the pedals can’t be used to change direction unless the rider goes to the highest gear. In addition, the weight of the battery and tires of an electric bike could also make it tough to pedal in hilly areas.

When riding an electric bike manually, the rider needs to be aware of the limitations of the motor and other components.

Can an e-bike be used as a regular bike – without the battery power?

Yes, if you don’t need the electric assist, you can use your electric bike as a normal bike. But, it is not recommended to use it as a normal bike. The reason is the weight, electric bikes are heavier than a normal bikes which would be harder to ride as a normal and regular bike for a longer time.

Do I have to pedal an electric bike?

No, you don’t have to pedal an electric bike as a regular practice. Electric bikes are made to provide ease of access and traveling to riders without any hassle. Pedals are just extra support and we can say emergency backups.

Pedaling is totally dependent on the type of your e-bike and your own choice. If you want to ride an e-bike with pedals, you can do that as well. And, if you want to use it with power without pedaling, you can.

Pedals in electric bikes provide two main features.

1. Support for foot
2. Emergency support in case of power failure.

However, Pedaling an electric bike will not only provide physical satisfaction but, will also have a psychological effect as well.

How To switch your Ebike to Manual?

There is nothing special or difficult to switch from power to manual riding. You only need to switch the power button/switch or key and start pedaling that’s it.

However, we have brought some simple steps for most of the riders who are not aware of it.

Step by step switching from Power to Manual riding in e-bikes.

STEP 1. Check for the switch of your e-bike
STEP 2. Switch the power off from the battery.
STEP 3. Make sure the power is off.
STEP 4. Only step on the pedal when the bike is in motion
STEP 5. Pedal regularly and enjoy your ride.

As a general rule, you can switch your electric bike from automatic to manual by just turning off the battery and the option will be shown on how to switch to manual mode.


Can electric bikes be used manually? As now you have understood that electric bikes can be used manually, however, we suggest all those riders who want to enjoy the manual experience of riding, they may go for a normal regular bike. When choosing electric bikes, you can even set it to manual riding, but it might not be the best option for manual riding.